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Member since: Sat Mar 21, 2020, 01:43 AM
Number of posts: 2,476

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Let's Be Honest, If The Grifter Family Could Go Back To New York City, They Would!

Does anybody seriously believe they're going to all be happy stuck in Florida? Sure, it's nice, but it's a FAR cry from New York City.

I assure you that Egomaniacs & Suck Ups like Ivanka & Jared would rather be mixing with the High Society folks in the City That Never Sleeps. All they're going to find in Florida are a bunch of Retirees.

Hell, I'd choose NY over FL, just for the Pizza & Hot Dogs. Let alone the Thousands of other reasons.

I bet dear ol' Daddy INSISTED they all join him down there, otherwise he'd cut them off.

Democrat Party? - FUCK YOU! FUCK YOU! FUCK YOU!!

That is all.

(Since apparently it wasn't clear)

Today's Single Word Drinking Game


Drink Safely

There's 1 repub House Vote In Favor Of 25th Resolution

Not sure who it is.

6 repub Non-Votes remaining.

This Could Be Quite The Series Finale. With No Concern About A Lame Reboot A Few Years From Now.

The next week could be lots of "Must See TV!"

repubs Are Asking For Unity And Peaceful Transfer Of Power

All this division is apparently the Democrats' fault.

The repubs are going Rodney King on us. "Why Can't We All Just Get Along?"

Per Worldometers: 301,000 New Cases - A Record

Meanwhile, in other news, apparently Covid-19 is not taking a break for the fall of our Republic.

Twitter Account Of Rioter Who Was Shot


The Female Killed Was Climbing Through Window Of Hallway Leading To Pelosi's Office

For all those crying tears for her. The video shows her climbing, under entirely her own power, through a window that had just been broken, into a Secure & Protected area. The picture shows a plaque above the doors saying "SPEAKERS LOBBY."

According to her husband......."Former" husband.....she was a huge MAGA Patriot. She flew from San Diego just for the occasion.

The Dead Woman Was A RIOTING Drumpf Supporter

According to Daily Mail

No Thoughts

No Prayers

Good Riddance!
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