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Wanderlust988's Journal
Wanderlust988's Journal
November 8, 2023

KY Gov. Andy Beshear is out of central casting for a Democratic politician

It boggles the mind why he isn't thought of higher for national office. I keep hearing everyone talking about Whitmer, Pritzker, and other blue state politicians. But Beshear has them beat, in my humble opinion.

He's fairly progressive. He's not some Joe Manchin type of red state Democrat. He's a legit Democrat. He has an unblemished past. He has a beautiful family with 2 young kids. He has won in counties that are in Appalachia, which is UNHEARD of for a fairly liberal Democrat. He even won my rural county outside of Lexington. Someone name me a Democrat politician that can win in red counties, like in Appalachia? He should be on the short-list for any ticket. Our party is bonkers if we don't get people like him on a national stage. I'm tired of our party only looking at blue state Dems.

Beshear is the type of guy that can go into red counties in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan, Iowa, Ohio and talk to those voters there. He has that type of personality. Republicans could never tag him as some "radical" Democrat. His grandfather was a preacher in a small rural county in western Kentucky. He knows how to relate to those types of people. But he also knows how to speak to urban voters. He's a unicorn.

November 7, 2023

Is Antony Blinken an effective Secretary of State?

This is just a discussion...Perhaps I'm not as educated on this as I should, but it seems Blinken has been in office for nearly 3 years without any major achievements or breakthroughs. I see him trotting all over the Middle East but it seems everyone is rebuffing him and sending him on his way.

He's definitely qualified and knows his stuff, but it seems getting deals and negotiations aren't his strong suit? In the absence of war and strife, perhaps he'd be doing just fine, but with 2 major wars going on he's not looking very effective to me.

September 29, 2023

Pres. Biden should make a PRIME TIME Oval Office address if the gov't shuts down

Please someone tell the WH that Joe Biden needs to make a prime time address to the nation if the government shuts down! He needs to quit making speeches at 1pm as no one is watching. This is a very big deal! He needs to speak the nation when everyone is watching and blame this shit on the Republicans.

I really question the political office at the WH. They need to use the bully pulpit more. I don't know who's idea it is for Biden to make big speeches in the early afternoon when everyone is at work, but it's not smart. You can see why Biden doesn't get credit for anything good.

August 30, 2023

Mitch McConnell needs to hang on until after the KY-Gov election in Nov.

We don't need him dying or resigning right now cause that'll nationalize the race between Gov. Beshear and Cameron. The whole race will be about Beshear attempting to challenge the law in court that says he has to choose a Republican.

Beshear is doing well in the polls right now and we don't need this happening. Mitch needs to cling for another couple of months. Nationalizing this race would be terrible for Beshear. Kentuckians are much more likely to vote Dem in state/local elections than in federal races.

For everyone saying he needs to resign...NOT RIGHT NOW.

February 19, 2023

Atlanta's airport should be renamed after Pres. Jimmy Carter

It would be a HUGE honor and well deserving. He's the ONLY president ever from the state of Georgia. Atlanta is the busiest airport in the world. Hartsfield-Jackson have had a good run and they were simply mayors. Just like Las Vegas renamed their airport after Harry Reid, and Louisville's airport after Muhammed Ali, the same honor should be bestowed on the honorable Jimmy Carter.

Carter has done so much for the world. I can't even list it all. The mans deserves a high honor.

November 20, 2022

The Biden administration should NOT cooperate with the House investigations at all

Trump taught us one thing...don't turn over any documents, fight every subpoena, and take everything to court. Run out the clock. I hope they don't cower and give into to those House investigations thinking they're doing the 'right' thing. Since Trump never cooperated, then neither should Biden. Render Gym Jordan irrelevant.

November 15, 2022

Should Pres. Biden offer Sinema an ambassadorship or cabinet position?

Sometime next year, he should offer her a job. It'll allow her to save face and not lose a bruising primary, and it would allow Gov. Hobbs to appoint a replacement to serve out the remainder of her term and give that person a leg up on the 2024 race as an incumbent.

It's a win-win for both! Everyone is happy. I'm sure the Ambassador's residence in Rome is a nice gig.

November 9, 2022

Dems need to be more wise about where we spend our money

Pouring $200 million into Texas and Georgia to help out Beto and Abrams was just a colossal mistake. That money would've been better served helping Beasley in N.C. She needed help and almost pulled out a victory. Also, Barnes should've gotten more help in WI.

We have a tendency to fall in love with certain candidates that have no prayer of winning their races, while we let other fall by the wayside. I love Beto and Abrams too, but we should've been more real about their prospects. We can't let other good candidates in winnable races go with little resources due to this.

October 3, 2022

KY Gov. Andy Beshear (D) with an eye-popping 74% favorable rating!

And a 62% overall approval rating. This are unheard numbers in any state, especially in the political environment in this country. I'm not sure any politician in the entire country has that high of a favorable rating.

I don't have a link cause they just had it on the local newscast...a new poll.

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