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Member since: Sun Mar 22, 2020, 08:13 PM
Number of posts: 466

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Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders BOTH want to be in Biden's cabinet

I just got an alert on my phone from Politico that Warren is going to put her name in for Treasury Secretary. Bernie wants to be Labor Secretary.

I have no issues with either one of them being in the cabinet, but I can't stomach 2 special election Senate races in 2021 in questionable states where popular GOP governors could run for their seats. This could be a nightmare.
Posted by Wanderlust988 | Thu Oct 29, 2020, 05:11 PM (43 replies)

**Gallup Poll** 56% say Trump doesn't deserve re-election

And therein lies your popular vote total for Joe Biden. I predict Joe Biden will win 56% of the nationwide popular vote.


Posted by Wanderlust988 | Thu Oct 22, 2020, 05:19 PM (7 replies)

I'm not watching the debate tonight

I actually physically can't stand looking or hearing that orange blob. I can't do it. I love Joe and I wish him all the best, but I'm probably gonna go out and do some late night shopping at Wal-Mart or Meijer. I'll hear all about out on here and the TV shows afterwards. I feel sorry for Joe having to debate that lying sack of s***. He shouldn't even be on the same stage with him.
Posted by Wanderlust988 | Thu Oct 22, 2020, 03:39 AM (12 replies)

Professor Allan Lichtman STILL predicts a Biden victory!

That is all.
Posted by Wanderlust988 | Tue Oct 20, 2020, 06:36 PM (0 replies)

Former PA Gov. Eddie Rendell predicts a significant Biden win in PA

That actually says a lot gives me a peace of mind over PA. Rendell speaks the truth and doesn't sugarcoat for the party. He knows PA in and out. He predicted that Hillary would have a tough time winning there and she did lose it.


Posted by Wanderlust988 | Tue Oct 20, 2020, 02:50 AM (3 replies)

At what point do polls become predictive due to early voting?

Never in our history will this many people will have cast ballots before election day. I have never seen this mentioned by anyone, but at which point do the polls become "entry polls" and basically tell us the victor before Nov. 3rd due to people already voting? Pollsters can then use their science to determine likely voters close to 100% as people would've already cast ballots. Maybe a week before the election?

I just don't understand how polling will be off like in 2016 with so many people already casting ballots and they can tell pollsters who they voted already. So basically there's no question mark or variability. The margin of error could be very low.
Posted by Wanderlust988 | Sun Oct 11, 2020, 02:28 AM (7 replies)

Wow, I just witnessed my local County Clerk going off in the Post Office!

I just came from making a stop at my local post office in my county, which is a suburb of Lexington, KY. Our local county clerk, a Democrat, just went off inside the post office over ballots! He came in to pick up the ballots. It looks like the lady brought out about 30-50 ballots. He then said "is that all?" And the lady told him that the ballots have to be sent to Lexington and then re-routed back to my city. He want ballistic!

The manager had to come down and the clerk said he didn't know why he paid for a PO box when the ballots have to be sent out to another city and sent back. He said it was very asinine! He said if the ballots are in the post office in my town, they should stay there and put in the PO box. The manager said he didn't disagree with him, but he'd need to call the "command center" and complain. He said he would do so. He also complained about certified mail not getting to places on time. The county clerk then apologized to everyone inside for raising his voice, but everyone said it was okay and they agree with him.

We are not a swing state, but the USPS is fucking crap now. Folks, try not to mail your ballots if you can. If they're messing up the ballots in a small town in a red state, no telling what they're doing elsewhere.
Posted by Wanderlust988 | Fri Oct 9, 2020, 04:45 PM (49 replies)

Trump is laughing at Democratic panic

Why are we and the media panicking over him? He's laughing at how much fear is he causing us! We need to quit freaking out over what he will or won't do!! He's loving every minute of it. He's saying crazy shit which is causing the media to freak out and then twitter verse and DU freaks out. It's unbelievable how gullible some are. He's doing this to depress the vote. It's as plain as day. I already see posts talking about how Trump's going to steal and there's nothing we can do!

Yes, we should be concerned and prepare, but not public freak out I'm seeing all over the place.


Posted by Wanderlust988 | Fri Sep 25, 2020, 04:26 PM (44 replies)

What's up with Drudge?

His website is actually readable nowadays. He's turned on Trump. His website is nothing like it was under Obama. He highlights negative Trump stories all the time. He's turned into Raw Story.
Posted by Wanderlust988 | Tue Sep 22, 2020, 06:01 PM (6 replies)

Can Dems just pass a law requiring a 2/3 majority to pass court packing

in the future? So we take control of govt in 2021 and pass judicial reform creating more seats in the federal judiciary and the Supreme Court. Can't the Dems also put in law stating that any future changes to the numbers of seats on the SC and judiciary will require a 2/3 majority of the House and Senate? One of the biggest arguments against court packing is that if Republicans take charge they will just expand it to 21 seats or whatever. Well that would effectively make it impossible.

The South Carolina legislature did just that on the confederate flag flying in the statehouse. They passed a law stating that the flag could never be lowered unless 2/3 majority of the state assembly voted to take it down.

Yes, it's a craven power grab and goes against all tradition, but why not? It would totally be legal.
Posted by Wanderlust988 | Sun Sep 20, 2020, 02:25 PM (3 replies)
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