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Member since: Sun Mar 22, 2020, 08:13 PM
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I think Amy McGrath will lose based on Lexington

Astonished that Booker won 70% of the vote in Lexington for today's in-person voting at Univ. of Kentucky's football stadium. Lexington is in Amy's backyard and she ran in the 6th CD in 2018. This is her home. If the absentee ballots show anything close to today's tally, I don't see how she wins the state. Booker will romp in Louisville. The results we show right now don't even tally Louisville at all.
Posted by Wanderlust988 | Tue Jun 23, 2020, 10:14 PM (20 replies)

I already feel sorry for Joe Biden's future Attorney General

The amount of scandal and crimes that will be investigated from Trump and his minions will be earth shattering. Barr could even be prosecuted for gassing peaceful protesters. The attorney general may need to appoint 2 special prosecutors to cover all the crimes that has happened. It'll take 2 years at least. There'll be some HUGE decisions. It's a shame what Trump has done to this country.
Posted by Wanderlust988 | Fri Jun 5, 2020, 10:15 PM (17 replies)

Amy McGrath needs help in Kentucky against Mitch

Bloomberg or the Lincoln Project needs to go up on the air immediately. I live in Kentucky. Her commercials are terrible. She runs them all day and all she does is defend herself from Mitch's attacks. Who is her campaign manager? Once you start defending yourself, the attack has worked. You don't defend. You go on offense. I love her. I've even met her and she's a wonderful person. But her ads are awful. She just keeps looking in the camera whispering and pleading that Mitch's attacks are wrong. Her campaign manager should be sued for political malpractice. She's not gonna win like this. It's getting close to Christine McDonnell's Senate campaign ad in Delaware when she looked in the camera and said "I'm not a witch."
Posted by Wanderlust988 | Thu Jun 4, 2020, 05:33 PM (21 replies)
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