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Gender: Male
Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
Home country: USA
Current location: Irvine, CA
Member since: Wed Apr 1, 2020, 08:51 PM
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Fox News host encourages people to "get out there" and defy orders (from the comfort of his home)

You first, fuckstick!



Fox News’ Pete Hegseth Says Healthy People Need ‘Courage’ to Get ‘Out There’ and Develop ‘Herd Immunity’ to Coronavirus
By Charlie Nash

Fox News contributor Pete Hegseth said “healthy people” need to pull together the courage to get “out there” amid the coronavirus pandemic on Thursday, remarking, “herd immunity is our friend.”

“I do think you are going to need that kind of ethos and that spirit to put freedom before fear,” Hegseth said on Fox News.

“Listen, there’s a lot of anxiety, there’s a lot of misinformation. The experts,” he said, putting the word in scare quotes, “have been telling us hundreds of thousands of people are going to die. Now that we’re learning more, herd immunity is our friend. Healthy people getting out there, they’re going to have to have some courage.”

“And we’ve seen courage, we’re going to talk about it later, in Texas where people are defying ridiculous orders. That takes courage, that’s not easy,” Hegseth continued. “So I think that spirit, the American Spirit frankly, is in full supply and ready to go. If some of our experts and some of our leaders will just get out of their way — they’re drunk on power — it’s time to open up.”
Posted by SouthernCal_Dem | Thu May 7, 2020, 01:13 PM (11 replies)

Almost HALF of Republicans Think Government is Exaggerating Reported Coronavirus Deaths

Source: Mediaite

A new poll shows that a shocking percentage of Republican voters — nearly half — believe that fewer people have died from the coronavirus than the government is reporting.

In a new Economist/YouGov poll, respondents were asked “Do you think the government is accurately reporting the number of people who have died from COVID-19 or do you think more people have died from the virus or fewer people have died from the virus?”

A clear plurality — 39 percent — said that more people have died than the government has reported, while just 17 percent said fewer have died. Only 21 percent said the government’s numbers are accurate. That basic result — that a plurality say more people have died — was consistent across every demographic category. It’s also consistent with reporting on excess deaths that aren’t being included in the official death toll.

But among Republican primary voters, a whopping 47 percent said that fewer people have died, and only 12 percent said that more people have died than have been reported.

Read more: https://www.mediaite.com/news/almost-half-of-republicans-think-government-is-exaggerating-reported-coronavirus-deaths/

Posted by SouthernCal_Dem | Thu May 7, 2020, 12:36 PM (28 replies)

The federal government is now fucking up the distribution of remdesivir...because of course they are

Doctors lambaste federal process for distributing Covid-19 drug remdesivir
WED, MAY 6 20207:54 PM EDT
Eric Boodman, Casey Ross

Hospitals and physicians around the country are sharply criticizing the federal government for the uneven and opaque way it is distributing its supply of the Covid-19 drug remdesivir.

The experimental drug received an emergency use authorization from the Food and Drug Administration last week, after preliminary data from a clinical trial showed that it reduced how long it took hospitalized Covid-19 patients to recover.


About two dozen hospitals are believed to have been chosen to receive the drug so far, but clinicians told STAT it is unclear why some medical centers were chosen to receive coveted doses while others weren’t — and who is making those decisions in the first place.


Earlier instances of unapproved drugs being authorized for emergency use have been very different, said Michael Ison, an infectious disease physician at Northwestern Medicine. During the H1N1 flu outbreak in 2009, he explained, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention created a website as soon as the FDA authotized emergency use for peramivir, so that hospitals could apply for the medicine.

Not so for remdesivir. “Currently there is no way anywhere I’ve seen to figure out how this is being distributed or how they’re making decisions about this,” Ison said.

Read more:

Posted by SouthernCal_Dem | Wed May 6, 2020, 10:06 PM (11 replies)

BWHAHAHA: These gun-toting right wing nut jobs really do live in mom's basement

A Colorado man who planned to attend a “Reopen” rally in Denver on May 1 before he was arrested by the FBI for possessing pipe bombs was involved in the boogaloo movement, a far-right militia offshoot that uses cryptic pop-culture references to prepare for a future civil war.

FBI agents and other law enforcement executing search warrants on Bradley Bunn’s residence in Loveland, Colo. on May 1 discovered four pipe bombs at the 53-year-old man’s home, according to a press release issued by the US Attorney’s office in Denver. Agents also discovered two one-pound containers of .308 caliber cartridge reloading gunpowder, a potential pipe bomb component, in Bunn’s vehicle. If convicted for possession of destructive devices, Bunn faces up to 10 years in prison and a $250,000 fine.

The arrest set off a flurry panicked texts from Bunn’s extremist associates in Colorado to allies networked across the country through boogaloo-inspired Facebook pages. On the morning of Bunn’s arrest, Chevy Lee McGee wrote on his Facebook page in all caps: “I might need backup ASAP. Possible police raid at my house.” Then he posted the address of his mother’s house in Fort Collins. He ended with a request: “Need QRF teams,” using a military term for “quick reaction force.”


...McGee wrote, “I knew I was going to be next, so I made that post for everyone to standby just in case something happened. Then my mom’s freaking out because she works with the sheriff’s office [in Larimer County] and they were talking about me and how I talked to Bradley’s etc. [sic], so she told me to get my ass home. It could’ve been a setup so I have a couple bois roll with me there etc.”


Posted by SouthernCal_Dem | Wed May 6, 2020, 03:46 PM (22 replies)

Lincoln Project has its biggest day of fundraising after president attacks 'Never Trump' group

Source: CNBC

The Lincoln Project, which is run by Republican operatives who oppose President Donald Trump, raised $1 million after the president ripped the group on Twitter this week – marking it the super PAC’s biggest day of fundraising yet.

Reed Galen, a member of the Lincoln Project’s advisory committee, told CNBC that the total came after the president’s Tuesday morning Twitter tirade in reaction to an ad titled “Mourning in America,” which unloads on Trump’s response to the coronavirus pandemic. It recently aired on Fox News, which Trump often watches and praises. Galen said it was the Lincoln Project’s best single-day fundraising haul.


The Lincoln Project’s big fundraising day in the wake of Trump’s tweets could be the financial boost it needs to keep pumping out more anti-Trump ads. It finished the first quarter raising $1.9 million and has just more than $1.2 million on hand. Their top donors include Walmart heir Christy Walton and Silicon Valley executive Ron Conway, records show.

Read more: https://www.cnbc.com/2020/05/06/lincoln-project-has-biggest-day-of-fundraising-after-trump-attacks-group.html
Posted by SouthernCal_Dem | Wed May 6, 2020, 03:10 PM (37 replies)

Can anyone make sense of this?

What the actual fuck is he trying to say here?

I assume it's pretty difficult to make sense of this incoherent babbling if you don't speak dotard....

Said Trump: “You know, I had people say, ‘No, no, it’s good. You keep — you do this and that.’ Now those people are really agreeing with me. And that includes medicine and other things, you know.”


Posted by SouthernCal_Dem | Wed May 6, 2020, 01:00 AM (17 replies)

Trump says Obama left him broken COVID-19 tests even though the virus was discovered 3 years later

President Donald Trump continued to blame the Obama administration in an interview with ABC’s David Muir for leaving them “nothing” ahead of the coronavirus pandemic.

“We didn’t have ventilators, we didn’t have medical equipment, we didn’t have testing. The tests were broken. You saw that. We had broken tests. They left us nothing,” the president said. “And we’ve taken it and we have built an incredible stockpile — a stockpile like we’ve never had before.”



So did you catch that? The Obama administration left him a bunch of broken COVID-19 tests when he took over in January 2017 even though the virus was discovered about 3 years later.

He's batshit crazy!
Posted by SouthernCal_Dem | Tue May 5, 2020, 07:30 PM (9 replies)

Holy Shit: HHS whistleblower was pressured to steer millions of dollars to a buddy of Jared Kushner

Trump corruption is straight up on another level.....


An ousted federal scientist said that he was pressured to steer contracts to clients of a well-connected lobbyist.

A federal scientist who says he was ousted from his job amid a dispute over an unproven malaria drug promoted by President Trump said on Tuesday that a top official at the Department of Health and Human Services repeatedly pressured him to steer millions of dollars in contracts to the clients of a well-connected lobbyist, Sheryl Gay Stolberg reports.

Dr. Rick Bright, who was the director of the Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority until his removal in April, said in a formal whistle-blower complaint that since 2017 he has been protesting “cronyism and award of contracts to companies with political connections to the administration,” including a drug company executive who is close to Jared Kushner, Mr. Trump’s son-in-law and senior adviser.
Posted by SouthernCal_Dem | Tue May 5, 2020, 03:40 PM (63 replies)

It's clear Trump and certain Republican-led states are trying to hide the true COVID-19 death toll

Florida's numbers are a joke and strain credulity.

20 deaths in all of Florida in a day?

We already know they've been caught trying to suppress the true numbers....

Florida medical examiners were releasing coronavirus death data. The state made them stop.


Posted by SouthernCal_Dem | Mon May 4, 2020, 06:27 PM (8 replies)

Key Scientific Group Doubles Its Projected US Death Toll from Pandemic to 135,000

Source: Mediaite

The academic group that President Donald Trump and the White House coronavirus task force has frequently cited for official estimates of coronavirus cases and fatalities radically changed its numbers on Monday, nearly doubling its projected final death toll for the first wave of the Covid-19 outbreak to 135,000.

On Monday afternoon, the University of Washington’s Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation issued a lengthy press release explaining that it was revising upward by nearly 100% its projection of roughly 74,000 from just one week earlier. The IMHE attributed the stark change to relaxed social distancing rules and increased mobility in many states where the Covid-19 spread has peaked but not declined measurably.

This news comes just hours after the New York Times reported that a private assessment inside the CDC warned that the rapid pullback of quarantine orders will boost the death toll to 3,000 a day by the beginning of June, a mark more than 50 percent higher that the current daily mortality rate. And the IMHE’s reversal arrived less than 24 hours after Trump very publicly backpedaled the virus’ impact in a Fox News town hall on Sunday night, in which he said “We’re going to lose anywhere from 75, 80 to 100,000 people.” For weeks, Trump touted the IMHE’s downwardly revised projection of 60,000 from 100,000 as evidence that his administration’s response was saving lives.

Read more: https://www.mediaite.com/news/key-scientific-group-doubles-its-projected-us-death-toll-from-pandemic-to-135000/
Posted by SouthernCal_Dem | Mon May 4, 2020, 05:27 PM (24 replies)
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