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Budi's Journal
Budi's Journal
July 30, 2020

Exclusive: Kamala Harris to introduce comprehensive environmental justice bill in Senate


FROM the Article:
Great read...


Exclusive: Kamala Harris to introduce comprehensive environmental justice bill in Senate

Fifteen years ago, Kamala Harris — San Francisco’s District Attorney at the time — created an environmental justice unit in her office. The goal was to go after the perpetrators of environmental crimes that were hurting some of the city’s poorest residents.

Harris, as California’s junior senator, is fighting for a comprehensive piece of legislation that will give vulnerable communities the tools they need to address environmental disparities.
On Thursday, Harris plans to introduce a companion bill in the Senate to the Environmental Justice for All Act introduced earlier this year in the House of Representatives by Democrats A. Donald McEachin of Virginia and Raúl M. Grijalva of Arizona.

Environmental justice is interconnected with every aspect of our fight for justice. From racial justice and economic justice, to housing justice and educational justice, we cannot disentangle the environment people live in from the lives they live,” Harris told Grist in an email. “These crises we are experiencing have exposed injustices in our nation that many of us have known and fought our entire lives.”

The Senate bill, whose lead cosponsors are Democrats Cory Booker of New Jersey and Tammy Duckworth of Illinois, acknowledges how factors such as segregation and racist zoning codes have rendered communities of color more vulnerable to the effects of climate change and left them with limited resources to address ongoing environmental health disparities. To address this, the act aims broadly to meaningfully engage impacted communities in government decision-making processes,..


The Environmental Justice for All Act would amend the Civil Rights Act to allow private citizens and organizations that experience discrimination to seek legal remedies when a program, policy, or practice causes a disparate impact.
It would also require federal agencies to consider health effects that might compound over time when making permitting decisions under the federal Clean Air and Clean Water acts. In addition, it would fund research on and programs to reduce health disparities and improve public health in disadvantaged communities.

Under the act, new fees on oil, gas, and coal companies would go toward a fund to support workers and communities transitioning away from fossil fuel jobs. Finally, the act also intends to codify and make enforceable a....

Thank You Sens Harris, Duckworth & Booker, & all who bring their many long years of clawing through these issues at a Local State & Federal level, finally to the point of preparing a solid bill, & now today, having the priviledge of introducing it to the Senate.

Proud to see these leaders of our future doing more than talking about it for a campaign photo op.
Thank you.

A well prepared & carefully written bill indeed.

Environmental Justice defined.

July 30, 2020

ACLU: "Only Congress can reschedule Election Day. It's in the Constitution."


No matter what Trump has NO power to change the election.
*The outbreak of the novel coronavirus has majorly disrupted the 2020 election.

*At a July 28 hearing before the House of Representatives, Attorney General Bill Barr said he "hadn't looked into" whether a president can singlehandedly delay a presidential election.
(Barr knows damn well the answer to the question. He knows ever loophole & line he can exploit in the US Constitution)

*Trump cannot cancel or postpone the November 3 general election by executive order, under the parameters of a national emergency or disaster declaration, or even if he declared martial law.

*And in an extreme scenario where the electoral college does not vote, Trump's term would still expire at noon on January 20, 2021, meaning control of the presidency would go down the line of succession.

July 29, 2020

Boston Herald: "Ed Markey losing to Joe Kennedy, needs game-changer to catch up"

Appears to be a battle of the 2 Boston papers.

Boston Herald's view of the Markey/Kennedy race is a bit less personally biased against Kennedy than the writers of the Boston Globe piece.
*For instance:
Boston Globe writer on Kennedy, "In the email, the Kennedy campaign also took aim at a Globe columnist, Scot Lehigh, who authored a series of critical pieces about Kennedy, including one under the headline: "It’s TV’s best new comedy: Why is Joe Kennedy running for the US Senate?"


From the Boston Herald.:

Ed Markey losing to Joe Kennedy, needs game-changer to catch up
Joe Battenfeld
PUBLISHED: June 25, 2020

Markey, a Malden Democrat who has copped endorsements from some well-known progressive and environmental groups, needs to have strong support in progressive areas like the Berkshires in order to overcome Kennedy’s advantage in the Boston area.

Kennedy had a whopping 30-point lead in Boston in a poll conducted in May by Emerson College, according to polling director Spencer Kimball. The only place Markey held his own was in the North Shore, which is near where Markey lives.
The only demographic Markey led in was in voters with post-graduate degrees — not exactly a rallying cry for victory.

Kennedy held a 16-point lead statewide in Emerson’s
last poll, which was conducted before Kennedy and Markey’s latest debate in the first week of June.

Kimball said there is still time for Markey to turn around the race, because more than half the voters in the state could still change their minds.

Have at it & good luck to 2 fine Democrats from MA.

Seems to be the Globe vs Herald.

Well, & politico fueling the fire as only they can do

July 29, 2020

Gohmert does have a Dem challenger. Gohmert also voted for Lynching...

Gohmert was 1 of 4 who voted against Lynching as a Hate Crime

FEB 2020
Texas’ Rep. Louie Gohmert one of just four votes against bill to make lynching a federal hate crime
House voted 410-4 on historic Emmett Till Antilynching Act, 120 years after first effort to enact a federal ban.


“I had to look at the calendar and see if it was 2020 or 1920 when I saw that vote," said Democrat Hank Gilbert, a Tyler businessman and rancher hoping to unseat Gohmert in November. “It is unconscionable that a sitting congressman would not vote to make lynching a federal crime.”

East Texas, like Dallas, has an infamous history of racially motivated killings. In 1998, three white men in Jasper — south of Gohmert’s district — kidnapped James Byrd Jr., 49. One of the men had a tattoo of a black man hanging from a tree, They chained Byrd to a pickup truck and dragged him three miles.

Democrat Hank Gilbert


Tyler Democrat Hank Gilbert’s campaign manager injured in scuffle at Sunday protest


Hank Gilbert Twitter


Hank Gilbert Facebook

July 28, 2020

EMMY UPDATE* 💙 #HillaryOnHulu has earned an Emmy nomination for Outstanding Documentary

72nd Primetime Emmy Awards will be at 7:00 PM - 10:00 PM on
Sunday, September 20, 2020
All times are in Central Time.



Replying to
on Hulu really opened my eyes. I hope it did for a lot of people. She is and always has been an amazing person. I just listened to all the BS and never gave her a chance. #forgivemehillary I wish she was #president now!

Replying to
It’s so weird because they told me she wasn’t likeable or popular. I appreciate the Emmy is more to do with craftsmanship, but it ain’t nothing if the subject you’re telling the visual narrative of isn’t worthy of storytelling. And Hillary Clinton’s life is one fascinating story

Replying to
Very well deserved Hillz!! Congrats! BalloonParty popper cheering you on!





Brad Pitt nominated for an Emmy for portrayal of Dr. Fauci on 'SNL'



The Obamas' production company fetches 7 Emmy nominations

Former President Obama and Michelle Obama's production company has earned seven Emmy nominations this year between its acclaimed "American Factory" and "Becoming" documentaries.

The nominations come several months after "American Factory," which was the first from the Obamas' production company, Higher Ground Productions, to make it to Netflix, landed an Oscar for best documentary feature in February
July 28, 2020

CNN showing Biden's speech on systemic racism & economics

He addresses the next phase of his Build Back Better initiative.

Details, details...Biden lays it all out down to the smallest detail.

Thank you Joe Biden. This is what a leader does for his people.

Will post the replay when it's availible.

CNN is carrying it live now

July 28, 2020

I love you Jamie Raskin


No Feds were sent to disperse the armed White Supremacists

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