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Boogiemack's Journal
Boogiemack's Journal
October 31, 2020

Obama just went there.

Inauguration crowds. Trump still worried about it.

October 31, 2020

There is one ad that is missing from the Biden campaign

The ad with both Obama and Biden reminding voters how MITCH McCONNELL led the GOP to obstruct everything and anything that Obama and he tried to. Mitch in on paper and video file even bragging about their intention. And then he turned his attention to thwarting Nancy Pelosi. And this is why there is no additional stimulus package approved to help rescue working men and women during this pandemic.

They did what they wanted with Trump tax breaks and a rescue package for big business including corporate farmers but they refuse to pass additional stimulus for seniors, workers, students now when it is most needed. Instead they are content to watch their own stock portfolios reap obscene profits while the rest of the country goes down the drain.

And Trump and Mitch and the GOP are doing exactly the same thing now so the a President Biden will have a much worse economy to deal with.

This is the ad that should be made TODAY so that those voters who have not made up their minds yet and will be voting on Nov. 3 have something concrete to think about.

October 31, 2020

How do the Trumpers explain away the deaths and sickness across the globe from COVID if

it isn't such a big deal to them? How do they explain other countries now shutting down again? And yes, there are Trumper-like folks in other countries who want to strike out against their leaders for a drink of wine and and a nice meal at a restaurant and that makes it even more unbelievable. Who are these people on earth?

October 31, 2020

Trump and the GOP are acting like senior lives don't matter. Their COV:ID responses to date

are evidence. I do not believe that any wives but their own matter to them.

I don't know how many grandparents out there feel the pain of not being able to hug the grands but I do know a lot of grandchildren who really miss their grandparents and on the holidays especially.

October 30, 2020

If Trump would only stop stomping on the graves of our loved ones lost to COVID

I might just hate him instead of loathing him.

October 30, 2020

I want Joe and Kamala to stay healthy.

If the weather is bad, cold, rainy etc. cancel outdoor rallies and stick with the virtual stump speeches, even zoom meet ups. Actually more states can be included using zoom.

October 30, 2020

What Rachel is reporting tonight is scary. I hope our cyber folks are up to the task. Trump

has brought us the whirlwind. He will not fight hard against this stuff.

October 30, 2020

I love Kamala, AOC, Mayor Pete, and Ossoff. My favorite debate team.

Looking forward to seeing all of them take the baton handoff in the coming years.

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