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Boogiemack's Journal
Boogiemack's Journal
October 2, 2020

Coney Barrett was face to un-masked face with Trump within the contagion window.

What now? Has she been tested? Have the GOP Senators who interviewed her been tested? Also, she an at-risk child at home. Has her whole family been tested? This adds a new dimension to her nomination. I hope folks are paying attention.

October 2, 2020

Damn, is he blaming this infection on the military and law enforcement ?

Why is he saying she wears masks all the time...I never saw a photo of her with a mask. They are all anti-maskers and stay in each others' faces.

He even said it's hard to keep a distance for the military and law enforcement because they always want to run up and hug and him? WTF?

October 1, 2020

So, the Proud Boys do not want to be called "white supremacists?

I don't recall anyone calling them "white supremacists" at the debate but i could be wrong. I thought I heard Trump ask who do you want me to name and Biden said the Proud Boys. Am I wrong about this? Trump was just focused on not having to say the words "white supremacists" so he went along with saying "Proud Boys" so he could claim to this white supremacists friends that he was just naming Proud Boys to satisfy Biden but and could say to his supporters that he really didn't mean it.

October 1, 2020

I hope the Hispanics and Latinas in TX, FL, NV understand that what Trump said about

Rep. Omar, he would be saying about them if he didn't think he had a chance to get their votes.

October 1, 2020

Can we ask to see identification and citizenship of unseemly "poll watchers" and even

the license to open carry if they are strapped?

October 1, 2020

OK. ENOUGH! Why does the media keep asking "Why doesn't Trump say he denounces white

supremacists?" We all know why he doesn't say it because he likes them, he is like them and they are a part of his base. Every f**ing time the question is asked, it gives Trump and his GOP stooges a chance to publicly get the message to the white supremacists and the rest of racists, misogynists, homophobes, and xenophobes that they are WITH THEM. The damn media keeps doing Trump's job for him by reaching the audience that they may not reach on FOX. That message get reinforced at least every 30 minutes on cable news and every hour on network news. STOP IT already. Isn't it enough for FOX to be promoting that garbage? The MSM does not have to help them. I want to scream every time I hear a so-called journalist, including some of my favorites, ask that dumb question to which they already know the answer.

Would someone get the message to them?

They ought to be spending more time EXPOSING the talking points given to LAW ENFORCEMENT by the Trump regime to speak nicely about Rittenhouse, the murderous 17-year old who killed two peaceful protesters in Kenosha. THAT is some really big news to cover.

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