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Boogiemack's Journal
Boogiemack's Journal
October 17, 2020

Will we hear when Vernon Jones is COVID positive?

His crowd surfacing act in GA will surely get him infected.
He's another self-loathing, misogynist who fights against his fellow black Dems in GA. He has some very grave issues.

October 17, 2020

Watched that interview with Westmoreland PA Trump supporters. What is wrong with these people?

A woman being interviewed says she changed from Democrat to Republican. When asked why, she said "Oh, from what I've seen over the past two years, I just had to..." (I can't remember the exact words at the end). I almost jumped through the TV screen when he interviewer failed to follow up and ask her just what had she seen in the last two years that made her want to change to Republican?

I just simply hate most of these roving reporters who never seem to be able to conduct a reasonable interview. In fact, I believe the woman was always a Trump voter. There is nothing that happened over the last two years that would make one way out there in rural PA want to change from Dem to GOP. Did I miss something that happened over the last two years to make life better for rural America?

October 16, 2020

Does it even bother the Cali uber rich that Trump refuses emergency funding to them for fires?

Are they so wealthy that one or tow burned mansions don't matter to them so they don't care if the lowly working class can't get emergency funding?

How many times has emergency funding been denied any state for natural disasters? Have any red states been refused emergency funding for flooding for those who choose to live near the water?

Why isn't the media exposing this more? The next natural disaster could come anywhere and just because it happens to a blue state doesn't mean RWingers won't get hurt and lose homes and jobs.

October 16, 2020

That mother and daughter on CNN just now. Wow it's scary to have a woman say she is a doctor

and then hear her say she is leaning toward voting for Trump is really scary. If she hasn't made up her mind whom to vote for by now I hope she doesn't treat any patients.

It is just mind boggling to me how many people would still vote for Trump and fail to hold him accountable for anything. That includes some of my former friends whose covert racism and sexism has been on full display on twitter.

October 16, 2020

Just watched Friedman on CNN with Anderson Cooper

It's time to challenge not only the GOP RWingers but pundit who continue to call folks on our side "elite liberals." What do they mean by "elite liberals?"

Do they mean, Harry Truman, Jimmy Carter, Johnson, Clinton, Obama were "elite liberals?? Do they mean AOC and all the other women who came to office in 2018 were "elite liberals?" Is Joe Biden an "elite liberal." What do they mean. The last time I read anything about most of our Democratic Presidents, with the exception of FDR and JFK, most of them came from modest and even humble backgrounds. Clinton and Obama were children of broken homes with absent fathers, raided by single moms and working class grandparents.

I think I can identify some "elites" though: Let's start with DeVos, Munchin, Ross, and over half the millionaire GOP in the Senate. Remember those "elites" who already have left the administration?

I am tired of the cover for folks who voted for Trump as people who resented the "liberal elites" looking down on them and deciding how they should live their lives. When, in fact, for most of them it was nothing more than a sincere attraction to someone who is as racist, misogynistic, and homophobic as they themselves are. It wasn't about being denied jobs and being poor because the "libs" were giving all the good jobs to those "others." BS!! And if they mean by government telling them how to live that passing laws to ensure equal justice under the law, non-discrimination in housing and employment, or protecting our environment so that we have clean air and water and safe places to live...then screw them!!

i just wish for once a pundit or journalist would challenge any person, Democrat or Republican, to define what they mean when they use those terms as a pejorative. Just once will someone ask, "What do you mean by "liberal elite?"

October 15, 2020

Why is there no outrage all over Congress about the GOP refusing to obey a court order?

The CA court ordered a cease and desist order about the unauthorized ballot boxes and the GOP just says they will not remove them and are just going to add more WTF??

Don't even worry, Dems, about taking heat for expanding the SCOTUS. Play by the same rule the GOP plays by. Pass the damn law to expand SCOTUS and Lower Federal Courts. FIGHT.

The GOP and Trump have ignored legitimate law all over the place, teaching citizens that it is ok to disobey the law. I can hardly wait until a Biden administration gets in office and begins to enforce the laws.

October 15, 2020

Just caught a segment of Cuomo discussing the latest conspiracy lie Trump tweeted about.

Don't understand it all but it had to do with the bin Laden raid and one of the team members was on talking about how ridiculous it is.

I believe I see a new Lincoln Project ad coming out soon.

It's disgusting the way Trump lies, and smears our intel community and the military.

Trump is deplorable.

October 14, 2020

Why doesn't the media and the GOP talk about this re Hunter Biden??


"Hunter Biden served as Chairman of the World Food Program which just won the Nobel Peace Prize. In contrast, Eric Trump, Donald J Trump Jr and Ivanka Trump are all permanently banned from operating a charity again. Why? Because they ALL reportedly stole donations from children with cancer."
October 14, 2020

A couple I know who are Republicans and who voted for Trump in 2016 say

they will vote for Trump again. Big discussion took place. Bottom line is they are going to vote for the dumpster because they don't like to be proven wrong and are going to stick with their decision because they resent .."I told you so." I bet there are quite a few out there who will vote for that pig just because they want to show us libs a thing or two. Any way, I have a sneaky suspicion that the wife will vote for Biden when the curtains are drawn.

Anybody else know folks voting for 45 who really don't like him but doing it just for spite because they were so wrong before?

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