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Boogiemack's Journal
Boogiemack's Journal
November 7, 2020

Just think, if Trump had won everyone would be open carrying and shooting in the air.

What a welcome relief watching the unmitigated joy of true and faithful citizens.

November 7, 2020


Axe is telling it like it is. Kasich and Van can kiss my butt!

November 7, 2020

Kaish: Everything he is saying Dems need to listen to do for them, the Obama administration

had on the books and was trying to do and Nancy has been trying to do but the GOP has stood in the way from 2008 to now. Here was his list: broadband to their communities, tax reductions for the lower and middle income, healthcare options and not Medicare for all but choice, good paying jobs etc. Where the fuck has he been since 2008? Everything he said the Dems have been trying to do AND DEFUNDING THE POLICE WAS NOT ONE OF THEM. They try to hand this on Joe but that was not his position. REFORM law enforcement across the nation. Biden denounced that he was a socialist in stark terms.

And what the fuck does he mean by the "hard left?"

Joe, don't let them continue to try to define us. We have your back.

November 7, 2020

CNN just now: Jake Tapper is such a nice person but he is foolish if he believes that giving Trump

praise for his "accomplishments" is a goof or even necessary thing. Trump's MAGA supporters are not interested in anything that Trump "may" have done for the country..which, to me, would be difficult to identify.

His immigration policies are unAmerican and inhumane. His deregulation has only fattened the pockets of his buddies and enabled a more rapid destruction of our environment.

His Court appointments are disastrous for most people and are about to take away healthcare for millions.

His law enforcement and prison reforms are a myth and minute and just ignore the many people that Obama released, pardoned, or suspended sentence' as well the decriminalization of weed that he began.

And of course, Trumps tax cuts truly only benefited those who didn't need them and who had previously not paid their fair share while demanding more and more tax exemptions. And ask the farmers if they were REALLY helped by his tariffs with China.

Jake, get a grip. Trying to soothe the emotions and feelings of those who are soul-less and bereft of compassion and empathy is wasted energy, unnecessary and undeserved.

Maybe if they were not the walking-dread...maybe. But they are more deserving of our scorn. We don't need to listen to them because we have heard them for almost 4 years. And we should believe them for what they screamed at us the first time.

November 7, 2020

Will someone please ask the next Trumper what part of socialism they want to toss?

Is it SS, Medicare, the ACA, is it unemployment insurance? What? In socialist countries they have FREE healthcare, free higher education, some have free medical education, paid vacations for 4 weeks, paid family leave...we have none of that. So what the fuck are they talking about.

November 7, 2020

I wish these pundits would not go there. Trump deserves no sympathy. He is a loser and he has been

a nasty winner in 2016.

Joe should not be REACHING out to the other side. They should be reaching out to him. Remember they cheered Trump when he said he was going to cut off aid to all "sanctuary" states and not come to the aid of Cali when they were burning.

He and they smeared his son and ridiculed him. He can be a President for ALL the people but he need not bend over backwards for them. He needs to bend over backward for those who supported him and who worked their butts off, those who stood in COVID lines in the rain and wind for hours and for those suffered his slings and arrow of outrageous scorn.

I want Joe to have all the time and space he needs to get the right job done the right way.

That said. FUCK THEIR PAIN. We have had 4 fucking years of pain and dread. I hope it hurts them really badly. But focus on those who brung you to the dance, Joe.

November 7, 2020

It seems to me that mail in ballots are a lot more secure than machine voting. We

should go that way all over. Keeps hackers at bay and has many eyes on the counting so there should not be any hanky panky.

I vote for mail-in ballots But they should be counted daily as they come in.
That may be why the Trumpers started out trying to do away with mail-ins. Putin told him there was nothing he could do about that.

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