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Boogiemack's Journal
Boogiemack's Journal
September 28, 2020

I am livid!

My daughter lost her husband to pancreatic cancer in 2009. She had great job in the government and they had been doing well until his illness struck, costing them heavy medical bills despite having pretty good insurance. He husband was out of work for 17 months prior to his death so the loss of his income drove her into debts along with me trying to keep things going. Shortly after that she lost her job which was a pretty good security position. Here is the thing. She lost her job because her security clearance came back as a high debt risk no matter she was paying her bills but her debt to income ratio was out of whack. Thus she lost her security clearance, had to get a job at lesser pay and ultimately had to foreclose on her mortgage and come live with me.

I am livid learning about Trump's huge debts, his scamming his taxes, and his cavalier attitude toward struggling citizens. What my family has gone through since my daughter lost her husband and her job is unbelievable but we are digging our way back. And she had to make all kinds of arrangements with the IRS to pay off what she owed them...can you believe it She had asked for extensions and payment arrangements right after her husband died but the turmoil was just too much and she fell behind in three IRS payments. I just can't believe that someone with the kind of money owed by a person who has been documents as bankrupt can be President and others around him like his children can hold security clearance and operate at the highest levels of our government. There is absolutely two Americas, maybe three. Not good to wake up and find out your in the one that gets shit on daily.

September 28, 2020

You can always count on those with real wealth to know a phony. Football owners knew all

about Trump's real fake wealth. Remember, he was not admitted to the club. He still holds it against football and the NFL. Nothing like a lying ego scorned.

September 28, 2020

Appointment of a new SCOTUS position is now a HUGE conflict of interest that will taint

this Court forever. It simply should not be allowed and voters need to send that message to Mitch et. al. We need to take that Senate back and I think we will now.

September 28, 2020

Will the billionaires please stand up and speak out?

They may not pay the amount they ought to but many of them do pay taxes.

September 28, 2020

Whether you make money or not from foreign deals, as President your business deals with

foreign entities is a real security risk. To me, the real problem is DEBT. If Trump owes vast amounts of money to foreign thugs that is definitely a huge security risk for the USA>

September 28, 2020

Someone explain Rick Santorum's unyielding support of Trump on his taxes.

Wasn't Rick one of the GOP visitors to Russia? I would like to see a list of those visitors to Russia. I believe a close review of their taxes is in order also.

September 28, 2020

Just remember ALL the Congressmen who went to jail for scamming on their taxes.

Some went to jail for less than a million dollars that they actually never had but owed taxes ninth less.b

September 28, 2020

To the ones who say Trump was smartly using tax laws. Who ef..ing writes the tax laws?

Who is big on DEREGULATION and who is for those huge tax loop holes?

What's his name... ALEX or something like that.
That's the issue. Who do you want to write your tax laws...??

September 28, 2020

Cohen has been vindicated.

He's on fire on MSNBC right now.

September 28, 2020

Damn it! No country will take his broke butt now! I was hoping he would leave after Jan.

Who wants to be friends with a loser and a sucker like him?

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