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Boogiemack's Journal
Boogiemack's Journal
September 28, 2020

IRS is going to have problem collecting taxes from citizens if nothing happens to Trump

over this. Yeah, I know, IRS is tough on the little guy but COVID19 has changed some things.

September 28, 2020

There is no way Trump can or should take part in any debates. But it sure as hell ok with me!

Biden should wipe the floor with this news about his tax returns. Yeah, the "deep state" FINALLY did their job. You know, actual law enforcement is a deep state to criminals.

September 27, 2020

This debate on Tuesday will give Biden and the Dems an opportunity to give a load of truth

to FOX viewers and counter every lie told by Trump in person. The fate of the nation may well rest on Biden's ability to get more true information to Trump supporters than FOX has ever done. He should take some pointers for Kamala on how to prosecute the case against FOX and Trump for the long history of lies and gaslighting. The viewing by so many low-information Trump toadies means that just one single truth that they never heard could make a big difference. Hope against hope.

But then, I remember the Trump supporter who was told that the ACA that she loved was the same as Obamacare that she hated and that Pres. Obama was responsible for her having healthcare. Shocked by the facts, she soon recovered to say that she didn't care. She still hated Obama and Obamacare. Yeah, we have to deal with that too.

September 27, 2020

Aren't there going to be more lost fetuses if the ACA is rescinded?

The ACA is what many poor pregnant women use for their healthcare and OBGYN care. Without the ACA many of these women will suffer miscarriages and newborn deaths.

Also, how can you call yourself "pro-life" and not care about children being stripped from parents and held in cages? How can you be for unfettered gun access and use? How can you be an anti-masker, anti-medical science?

These people are incredible hypocrites and in-humane.

September 26, 2020

BOSEMAN night at our house.

DA 5 BLOODS: Best movie of the year, best acting, best casting, best Directing.

A really great Spike Lee movie with relevant messages for today. I highly recommend it.

September 26, 2020

Who here thinks that Nancy and Schumer should

have a revised ACA ready to go ASAP? Putting into law with all the provisions and more protections and a way for the Feds to seed it into action with good supplements to working families and the poor int what it should do. Take that money away from building that wall and building more weapons. We ought to be able to save enough funds from not haiving to pay Trump for his golf trips and the his family's trips at government expense to fund at least six months to a year of new costs.

September 26, 2020

I think it is time for the media to STOP playing over and over again

Trump's tirade over the ballot. Every time they play one of those video of him spouting how the election is rigged, how Dems can only win if they cheat, etc. etc. it gets planted anew int he sub conscience of everyone hearing it. STOP IT! It give validity to Trumps lying assertions. MSNBC, CNN, NPR please stop playing these video. Leave Trump to FOX. We do not need to see him spouting his lies over and over again!

Join me in a write-in or text-in to MSNBC, CNN, NPR NBC, ABC CBS.

September 26, 2020

Anyone else here receive a call from the Biden Victory Fund?

I just did. I have to say, the callers was polite and charming. However, that was the longest disclaimer I have ever had read to me about giving to any organization. Is that really required? It did not deter my giving but I can see where a lot of potential contributors might be turned off. And I just wonder how that all works with people who do not speak English as their first language?
There must be a better way. Mail solicitations are better, maybe?

September 26, 2020

Hoping someone with resources that I don't have can make these signs and bumper stickers



September 26, 2020

Why is it ok to raise money for a 17 year-old who killed two peaceful protesters but

it is a problem for raising money to pay fines for former prisoners who have served their time?

Also, the 17-year old is being healed as a hero by the RW even though he was he was illegally carrying an assault rifle. What if he had been a black youth doing the same thing? A black man can't even use a legally owned and licensed gun to protect himself and family from unknown intruders under the guise of a no-knock illegal warrant.

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