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Member since: Sat Apr 25, 2020, 10:36 PM
Number of posts: 1,406

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Please, DC Metro area citizens. Do not venture downtown to the Mall. And please

DC Mayor, be sure to clean up and sanitize the downtown area after the infected MAGAs leave town. They are super-spreaders!

No matter what we say here, the number of people showing up for "stop the Steal" in DC

is still frightening. That even this number of people have been gaslighted into believing the 2020 election was rigged is fucking unbelievable. "Stop the Steal" a really big super spreader event wherever it occurs. I feel for our innocent citizens in those cities and counties where they are coming out light roaches in a dark kitchen. Now we have to wait for another two weeks for the COVID outbreak in DC and Atlanta.

Does the GOP have all the electors in their pocket? They are talking like they do.

Besides not keeping with Constitutional intent, if they tried the shit, the rioting would be epic!

Don Lemon for the win tonight. Why do we keep prioritizing the ignorant MAGAs?

Let's move on and leave them behind.

The guy who defeated Doug Jones is as dumb as a rock. i don't care what is fans say.

I hope Doug gets a job in the Biden administration. It appears that all the stupid folks were gerrymandered together al across the country.

If MAGAs want to know who to vote against in the Georgia run-offs:

Vote against the candidates who are members of the party that lied to you about the seriousness of the COVID19 virus that is now killing you and you family members in increasing numbers.

Herd immunity: Which herd do the MAGAs want to be in?

The one that lives on with debilitating aliments and uncertain immunity, or the herd that dies from certain infection?

It's like playing Shirley Jackson's "Lottery" where we all win.

Isn't sad that we no longer have any moral authority to criticize China about Hong Kong nt

I really hope that Mar-a-lago escapes much hurricane damage so that Trump will have some place

to go Jan. 20. I don't know any other place in the world that would welcome him...not even Russia.

Trump has no standing to lay a wreath at the Unknown Soldier Tomb after he and his team

are woking so hard to disenfranchise active duty military voters thru bogus charges of voter fraud.
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