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Profile Information

Name: Marie Jacobs
Gender: Female
Hometown: Boston MA
Home country: USA
Current location: Belgrade, NC
Member since: Mon Jun 1, 2020, 10:06 AM
Number of posts: 3,334

About Me

Russia linguist in the 528th Military Intelligence Unit

Journal Archives

No one is going to risk going to prison to help trump.

The cabinet serves at the pleasure of the president. Biden would just fire all of them upon taking office.

These people need jail time. n/t

I couldn't even cut my pancakes with it. n/t

If they knew the target was not there,

why did they execute a no-knock warrant?

So the song has to be changed to men and woman?

Good for her.

It's a spoon and a fork.

We had those in the psych ward in the Fayetteville, NC VA hospital.

It will depend on what the school is doing to protect the children and staff.

There is a neighboring county that is planning on having 1/3 of the students in classes for 1 week and 2/3 of the students online changing every week. This is to have 10 students in a classroom. I would prefer to having classes with 1/3 of the students online with a teacher and 2/3 online without a teacher again switching each week. But what do we do with the children whose only parent has to work?

So the grand jury will see these records.

I am assuming that the members of the grand jury will not include anyone who has had a close family member die from the Covid-19 because we wouldn't want anyone to leak the documents.

They are going to identify exposed individuals.

The should quarantine everybody who was at the camp.

Their not there.

If you are going to write something stupid, at least use correct English.
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