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Profile Information

Name: Mary
Gender: Do not display
Hometown: Miami
Home country: United States
Member since: Sat Jul 4, 2020, 11:14 AM
Number of posts: 6,689

About Me

I was a member since the beginning of DU, but drifted away. During Trump, I decided to come back to the community of like-minded people for support and hope. In my last iteration here, I hit 10,000 posts, but will start again!

Journal Archives

is any other first-world nation

as mean to the majority of its citizens as the US of A? Is it our politicians, or are a majority of average shlumps just nasty? Or the rich divide and conquer with wedge issues?

Why are there so many masochistic/ sadistic Americans? Or just plain stupid?

my cat's FIV positive and I'm worried

he just puked up again. We're taking him to see the vet. We thought it was because he ate salmon-flavored catfood, but he hasn't had any in a day or so. I'm so worried he might be really sick. He's my buddy. Life is very stressful now, with my SO having back surgery next month. I really cannot take something happening to my cat. Thanks for listening

Does anyone here enjoy the show Aerial America?

it's quickly becoming a favorite and I always learn so much. I'm now watching the Yellowstone episode.

Anybody like Robert Benton's neo-noir, The Late Show?

is from the late 70s and Robert Altman produced it. Art Carney and Lily Tomlin start. It's one of my favorite movies. I purchased it on Prime.

Murder on Middle Beach

HBO documentary. Anyone watching it? Thoughts?

I'm on ep 3 and it's getting more interesting.

Is Trump undermining the GA runoff GOP candidates?

am I hearing this right? He's pissed so wants his minions to write in his name instead? This is his revenge against, whom? Dear God, if so this is great.

What if Trump won us GA?

opinions on s&p index fund

I'm 55 planning on retiring at 62, hoping the age to qualify for Medicare will be lowered to 60 ( fingers crossed). I've been investing in a vanguard index fund about 20 years. I'm a modest investor, hoping to enjoy social Security, a small pension, small annuity, and beneficiary to my SO's small pension. My question is: my 500 index is just regular- I pay yearly taxes on dividends. When I get closer to retirement, is there some type of account I can move the money into to protect it and get a small amount each month?

I guess I could sell it, but I'll probably lose some amount of it.

Has anyone retired with an index fund and how did it benefit you in your retirement?

Giving Trump credit for a vaccination is like

giving credit for saving your life to the arsonist who set your house on fire.

"Jesus is my Lord, Trump is my President"

I saw this bumpersticker on the back of a car in the Lidl parking lot. And it really depressed me. It crystallized my fear that Joe and Kamala's Presidency may be compromised by the 77 million pro-Trump conspiracy theorists we are facing off in this divided country.

Nicholle Wallace just called Rudy a legal visionary

she's being very sarcastically funny about the whole sad Rudy's humiliating defeats.
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