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Profile Information

Name: Mary
Gender: Do not display
Hometown: Miami
Home country: United States
Member since: Sat Jul 4, 2020, 11:14 AM
Number of posts: 7,062

About Me

I was a member since the beginning of DU, but drifted away. During Trump, I decided to come back to the community of like-minded people for support and hope. In my last iteration here, I hit 10,000 posts, but will start again!

Journal Archives

Pathetic Scottsdale, AZ Shlump rally

low turnout. Anchor said they want to call more supporters to join them, but those people are watching football.

Will Trump ever go away?

now the pos is going to fight his loss.. it's like it'll never end.

What are some good potato chips?

I bought a bag of Wise because the flavor was onion and garlic , but Wise always seems to have a slightly- burned under taste.

Subdued feeling at the grocery

here in half-red NC, I'd always see maga face coverings, etc while I shopped. Nary a one today. I pray NC flips blue.

I don't have sympathy for Trump

my far-left Sanders'- supporting relative posted on FB he has sympathy for Trump because he's a human being. I ...just.... can't at this point. Maybe I'm a bad person, but Trumps full catalog of evil acts stops me cold.

He's done too much bad. Maybe I'll feel differently, but I doubt it. I guess I'm part of the problem in bringing the country together. I didn't respond to his post because I don't want to roil the waters. Damn

Trumpers basing shock of Trump loss on lack of Biden/Harris

signs and small rallies. Just on MSNBC. This is ridiculous. Pro-Trump rally in Phoenix

Uh-oh. Pissed Trumpers at the car care center

including EMPLOYEES discussing this with other pissed off customers. Not professional. They can't believe Biden won without cheating.

Opinions- not calling it to coddle trump

I'm sitting here stressed, exhausted and believing had Trump been ahead it would have been called for trump.
Am I being paranoid? What, if they are appeasing Trump, would be the reason? A tyrant is still being appeased to what end?

Pardon disjointed post- haven't been sleeping well.

Trump having slight lead in PA

I want this to be over. I cannot take anymore.

Why do Trump rally organizers keep stranding supporters

post event? Is he stiffing the bus companies? Sadistically attempting to make his supporters suffer in some twisted way to see how much they'll take?
Is it just planning incompetence? All of it?

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