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John Drake

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Gender: Do not display
Hometown: Mn
Current location: On the road. RVing
Member since: Thu Jul 16, 2020, 01:48 PM
Number of posts: 68

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Retired early Sold my business. Invested well. Sold the house. Traveling the country in our motorhome.

Journal Archives

The phoney bastard even had background music ready!

It's on every vid on the net so they had it ready!


1st it was Stars and Stripes, now it's Catholic masses.

Is the Pentagon trying to destroy morale amongst our military with their budget cuts?

Navy cancels Catholic Masses at area bases while other religious services continue

In a cost-cutting move, the Navy is canceling many religious service contracts, disproportionately affecting Catholics

SAN DIEGO — Catholic Masses at San Diego-area Navy bases have ended because the Navy, in what it says is a cost-cutting move, has declined to renew its contracts with Catholic priests, and there are not enough Catholic chaplains on active duty to fill the void.
Protestant services on bases, which are led by active duty chaplains, will continue, said Brian O’Rourke, a Navy Region Southwest spokesman.

The changes to the Navy’s religious ministries are part of a national realignment announced on Aug. 20. It is unclear how many priests this will affect.


California is burning. Some asshole robs a firefighter!

It's so California.

A California firefighter was robbed as he battled a blaze in Santa Cruz

(CNN) -- A California firefighter's wallet was stolen out of his work vehicle and his bank account was drained while he was battling a blaze, officials said. It was the latest robbery to occur amid fear and panic over wildfires in Santa Cruz.

"It's absolutely disgusting behavior, I can't, frankly, I can't believe that somebody would actually have the nerve to break into a firefighter's vehicle or enter their vehicle to steal something from them when they're there to protect the community. Honestly it blows me away," Chief Deputy Chris Clark with the Santa Cruz County Sheriff's Office said during a press conference on Sunday.

Officials said they are still investigating who stole the firefighter's wallet. The incident follows a case of looting that occurred days prior.

Five people were arrested for targeting homes of residents evacuated due to wildfires in Santa Cruz County, the sheriff's department said Friday on Facebook.


This just started tonight. Every time I load YouTube I'm getting an audio Trump ad!

No Video, just the audio.
I never get ads at all because of my Ad blocker so somehow these are getting around it.

Anyone else?

Smirky McSmirkface to headline the GOP convention

How appropriate.


Banned ex-volunteer arrested for Democratic Party office fire in Phoenix

Source: KTAR Phoenix

PHOENIX – A banned former Democratic volunteer was arrested for arson Wednesday in the fire that destroyed the party’s Maricopa County headquarters in Phoenix last week, authorities said.

Matthew Silvanus Egler, 29, was booked on one count of arson of an occupied structure, a class 2 felony, in connection to the blaze set early Friday morning in central Phoenix.

Egler had been banned from volunteering at the Democratic office “due to the nature of his previous behavior,” according to a joint press release from the Phoenix fire and police departments.

He claimed responsibility for the fire on social media and threatened more violence, according to the release.

Read more: https://ktar.com/story/3444388/banned-ex-volunteer-arrested-for-democratic-party-office-fire-in-phoenix/

Do they really expect us to believe this shit?

KTAR is owned by Bonneville International, the MORMON CHURCH!

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