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Member since: Sun Aug 16, 2020, 07:44 PM
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People are purple too

My next door neighbor is single, male, obviously libertarian, and in the hospital on oxygen with covid and pneumonia. Another neighbor whose politics I don't know but who is vaccinated called EMS because he was too weak to do so himself. I called his ex girl friend because I don't know any of his kin, just in case and we talked about it and I learned that she is a vaccinated Republican, a Texan, I can tell from her accent. Several of my best friends have been Texans and I have a soft spot for them. Except for the patient we all agree that this is a medical and not a political issue. I don't want any Republican or libertarian friends, but I don't want political differences (unless they are dangerous) to keep me from being kind. It is really hard, but both women are well aware of my political opinions and we were still able to communicate (through phones and masks) to somewhat ameliorate another human's suffering (even if it is his own fault). These are very confusing times and I don't really trust almost anyone anymore. That is a damned shame.

Not our first rodeo: voting rights

As is frequently the case, I choose a book from the library for one thing and find that the message for me is extraordinarily contemporary and important. Thus, my interest in Creole New Orleans presented the following:

From R. L. Desdunes, 1895 in the Crusader, " "This question of qualified suffrage is one in which all the comon people, whether colored, or white, are vitally interested." He rued the day "when once the wealthy classes get the laws as them want them. The elect of creation as they believe themselves to be, aim to kill the right [of universal suffrage] a short cut to assured and permanent ascendancy."
p. 258, Arnold R. Hirsch in Creole New Orleans edited by Arnold R. Hirsch and Joseph Logsdon.

Quoting George Labat in 1929, "Without the ballot our race will always be...segregated and deprived of our rights and privileges" (such twentieth-century innovations) "were enacted solely to disfranchise our race and to eliminate us from politics." p. 268 of the same anthology.

As Buffy Ste. Marie said later, "round and round and round in the circle game."

I've never seen a statesman such as Joe Biden

in all of my 73 years. He transcends the idea of politician. He transcends the idea of presidency. I won't live to see another of his ilk. I hope that you do. And I hope that you young legislators learn from the best, because he is.
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