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The Coxswain

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Member since: Tue Aug 25, 2020, 05:26 AM
Number of posts: 744

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And so it begins ..Dianne Feinstein comes out against Scotus expansion and elimination of Filibuster


Democrats have reacted with anger after Senator Dianne Feinstein appeared to dismiss the idea of ending the filibuster and expanding the Supreme Court.

Feinstein was asked about abolishing the filibuster which allows a senator to hold up the passage of legislation by speaking for hours at a time. The California Democrat ruled out getting rid of the filibuster as part of an effort to pack the Supreme Court.

"I don't believe in doing that. I think the filibuster serves a purpose. It is not often used, it's often less used now than when I first came, and I think it's part of the Senate that differentiates itself," Feinstein said.

NBC News national political reporter Sahil Kapur pointed out on Twitter that the use of cloture motions in the Senate has significantly increased since the mid 1990s.
Posted by Le Roi de Pot | Tue Sep 22, 2020, 01:27 PM (88 replies)

Let's write off RGB's seat .. let's plan the next move .. a 200 Megaton Thermo Nuclear Bomb

The way I see it - there is no way for stall this except threaten expansion of court

And Biden should expand it to FUCKING 15 justices.

Get rid of Filibuster.

Give statehood to DC ( and PR if they want it)

Immediate Naturalization of everyone in USA who can vote in 2022 mid terms.


Posted by Le Roi de Pot | Tue Sep 22, 2020, 11:33 AM (90 replies)

My company is giving us 3 hours of Paid time off for Voting on any day of our choice ..

Also included .. If COVID or other factors cause 3 hours to be insufficient - just let your manager know !!

I love my workplace ... The CEO ( a Republican) called Trump an Idiot in the company meeting
Posted by Le Roi de Pot | Tue Sep 22, 2020, 10:23 AM (4 replies)

Double standard is the foundation upon which racism is built

All of segregation /Jim crow laws is built on different standards for white and colored folks.. want to vote ? Guess the number of beans in the jar.

What Republicans are engaged in is open use of double standards .. and to their racists supporters .. that is the ultimate affirmation of their racist beliefs..

Judges and Supreme court is just an excuse for racists to support Donald Trump and the Republicans. They are there for the racism.

Posted by Le Roi de Pot | Mon Sep 21, 2020, 06:31 PM (1 replies)

Food for thought

I once worked on an amateur theater production - but directed by an award winning director/playwright who normally works with the best in the business

He said the difference between an amateurs and a seasoned pro is not the quality of acting or singing.. .. it is that a pro can recover from a stumble.. either a fellow actor forgetting a line, a prop not working as it should have .. or something unexpected ... They can improvize their way out of situations and get back on script.. so that it is seamless for the audience. The amateur actor may just freeze.

While we are all not on stage and don't have hundreds of eye balls staring at us we can use some of that attitude.. RGBs passing should not distract us from our main goal... Seeing the orange asshole out of office. Senate Democrats may or may not succeed in blocking ..but we as voters we can't control it .. we can only control what we can..

Let's keep our heads down and keep ploughing through.
Posted by Le Roi de Pot | Mon Sep 21, 2020, 06:57 AM (1 replies)

We should increase the number of Congress representatives about 10 fold

The original ratio of Reps to people has long been thrown out the window.. Along with increasing Justices.. and granting statehood to DC& PR .. we need re-align the ratio. No one needs to be in DC and in the Capitol anymore..All voting can be done remotely.

1) Districts will be much smaller and the representatives can be more accessible. The offices will mainly be local and will increase local employment

2) Since the districts will be smaller .. less money is needed per race ..thus reducing the effect of Money. Reps will spend less time raising money and more time governing

3) Since Reps will be more scattered .. lobbyists will have a harder time manipulating votes

4) Districts will less susceptible to gerrymandering.

5) This will reduce the influence of poorly populated states that have more representatives per capital than say California or NJ

6) This will also make the electoral college a little less skewed towards rural states.

Anything else?

Posted by Le Roi de Pot | Sun Sep 20, 2020, 10:50 PM (1 replies)

So... Gop Senators are only asking to delay confirmation till elections

I bet they will have no objections in pushing it through during the lame duck session.. Susan cooking would love to stick to the moderates who would have thrown her out by then. Till then she needs them just in case!
Posted by Le Roi de Pot | Sun Sep 20, 2020, 02:03 PM (13 replies)

Great Video tweeted by Biden


Text of the tweet:

Donald Trump claimed he would be "the greatest jobs president God ever created."

But the fact is he's the worst jobs president in recorded history.

We can't afford another four years of his failed leadership.
Posted by Le Roi de Pot | Fri Sep 18, 2020, 10:54 AM (0 replies)

Is it ok to post whole articles here..

I can access WSJ through proquest at the school I adjunct in..

I am tempted to post articles from there .. But is that ok?
Posted by Le Roi de Pot | Fri Sep 18, 2020, 07:15 AM (7 replies)

Kamala & Barack

I noticed that they have a lot of things in common

1) African Genes from Father
2) Both Fathers are Economists with PhDs
3) Product of cross cultural love
4) Parents divorced when young
5) Both have a younger sister named Maya
6) Both lost their moms to cancer

8) Both were first term senators when they became a part of the Presidential ticket
9) Both have the kind of coolness and swagger - that drives Rightwingers cuckoo

Did I miss anything?

7) Both have two daughters is not TRUE , I stand corrected
Posted by Le Roi de Pot | Thu Sep 17, 2020, 06:09 AM (6 replies)
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