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TigressDem's Journal
TigressDem's Journal
August 27, 2022

New Appreciation for Garth Brooks - We Shall Be Free

Some little story online about "controversial music lyrics" brought up this song and I think I have heard it but haven't been a major fan of country music because the stations tend to ban people, like the Dixie Chicks and songs like this one. So unlike some songs I can't hear the whole thing in my brain as I read the lyrics.

But THE LYRICS are perfect for NOW. An Anthem for DUers and everyone who wants an America and a World that lives in the mindset of loving others as they are and keeping your own self in line is not only Patriotic but deeply Christian as Jesus never spent time outing gays or worshiping all the rich folk for their blessed selves.



Garth Brooks Lyrics
"We Shall Be Free"

This ain't comin' from no prophet
Just an ordinary man
When I close my eyes I see
The way this world shall be
When we all walk hand in hand

When the last child cries for a crust of bread
When the last man dies for just words that he said
When there's a shelter over the poorest head
We shall be free

When the last thing we notice is the color of skin
And the first thing we look for is the beauty within
When the skies and the oceans are clean again
Then we shall be free

We shall be free
We shall be free
Stand straight, walk proud
'Cause we shall be free
When we're free to love anyone we choose
When this world's big enough for all different views
When we all can worship from our own kind of pew
Then we shall be free
We shall be free

We shall be free
Have a little faith
Hold out
'Cause we shall be free

And when money talks for the very last time
And nobody walks a step behind
When there's only one race and that's mankind
Then we shall be free

We shall be free
We shall be free
Stand straight, walk proud, have a little faith, hold out
We shall be free

We shall be free
We shall be free
Stand straight, have a little faith

We shall be free

Garth Brooks wrote this song in response to the 1992 Los Angeles Riots when the six-day disturbance spread through the city including the beating of Rodney King, an African American taxi driver, by the police.

Many radio stations refused to play this track because of the line "When we're free to love anyone we choose". This message was seen as a call to defend gay rights. That's why Garth Brooks missed the country chart's top 10 for the first time.

The singer recalled the controversy in a 1993 Rolling Stone interview, "I feel bad any time somebody brings up the Christian aspect against 'We Shall Be Free'. Because it was meant to be a gospel song. It was meant to be the truth as I saw it. And being called Brutus and Judas, all kinds of things, really hurts. I do believe that God exists. I do believe in the Bible. But I can't see that loving somebody is a sin."

For his second compilation album, "The Hits", Garth Brooks wrote, "I never thought there would be any problems with this song. Sometimes the roads we take do not turn out to be the roads we envisioned them to be. All I can say about 'We Shall Be Free' is that I will stand by every line of this song as long as I live."

August 21, 2022

Did anyone hear this back at the time? Arizona PARTISAN AUDIT found Joe 360 MORE votes?


Arizona Republican ‘audit’ finds even bigger lead for Biden in 2020 election
This article is more than 10 months old

Hand count of the 2.1m ballots cast in Maricopa county found that Biden actually won 360 more votes over Trump than was reported
August 21, 2022

EVEN some Republicans are idealists. They WANT their party to be GOOD and have honest values.

We see their lack of support for taxes that address inequality and/or assisting the poor as killing off children.

They see our support of abortion rights as killing off children.

FROM those vantage points BOTH SIDES can see anything "THEY" do as coming from a bad or wicked impulse.

There ARE so many whackos on the Reich Wing side that want WHITE PEOPLE to tell everyone HOW they SHOULD LIVE and they are LOUD.

BUT we have a lot of people that want to live however they choose no matter what anyone thinks about it too.

For devout Christians who believe in Religious law vs personal faith and not judging others, supporting (as in not only condoning but celebrating) someone else in their hedonism (whatever flavor) is appalling.

LEGALLY, we can probably expect a compromise that keeps the law out of our bedrooms and decisions, BUT the whole pronoun stuff and supporting people's choices by mandate may appear to them as invasive as banning abortion is to US.

We see "them" bowing and scraping to the rich and doing their bidding, but a lot of that is structural and "they" as a populace may not realize how they are manipulated.

They see US as promoting hedonism, which is maybe overstated. We figure if someone else wants to live in freedom and make choices we wouldn't, it's on them, not US.

As a moderate DEM, I think without a Civil War we get back these portions of ROE:

Allow abortion to protect the life of the mother.
Allow abortion in case of an nonviable fetus, miscarriage is natural and does the same thing.
AND give US ALL FORMS of birth control that can be done in advance or within the first month:
Birth Control Pill
Manual Contraceptives that block or stop pregnancy
Morning After Pill
AND D&C in case of rape or incest.

Then we turn abortion into more of a last option remedy and expect our population to make their birth control decisions in advance and not lean on abortion as a simple option for unwanted pregnancy.

In some ways it isn't "fair" BUT it acknowledges their desire to protect the unborn AND still allows people to make choices about pregnancy which keeps women free.

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