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TigressDem's Journal
TigressDem's Journal
November 23, 2023


Tag team and switch - HARRIS for President and BIDEN as VP.

Creates great excitement in a "NEW" candidate that MAKES HISTORY... or should we say "HERSTORY" as she'd be the FIRST female President. (Should have been Hillary, but DEMs got to keep trying to make that happen.)

People worried about Joe's age.... as VP he'd be more in the background and dealing with Senate which he can do easily. He's NOT ego driven, so as long as the list he and Kamala want to accomplish gets done... he'd probably enjoy watching her shine and giving her Dark Brandon support.

She's young, energized, working on messaging and already been training for the job as the VP has to step up if anything happens to the President.

She already has a list of what needs to be done and can work to tailor it with more progressive items while she and Joe work together to get MORE done as long as they get the TRIFECTA in 2024 and keep our Democracy in tact.

What do people think?

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