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Member since: Sat Sep 5, 2020, 12:55 PM
Number of posts: 223

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My Latest Gripe Of The Last 4 Years!

I, as we all, have millions of gripes (gripe is not a strong enough word!) about the last 4 years but I don't remember this ever being mentioned and I just thought of it now

Whenever the right talked about the forgotten man (rural, white voters) did anyone from the left say, "Well, what about the African American man? What about the Native American? Haven't they been forgotten too??"

I personally feel they have been forgotten even more because the rural white voters, at least, had white privilege to fall back on! And I won't even mention Hispanics or Asians etc because the right would just say "those are recent immigrants so they don't count!" (even if they weren't recent immigrants, that's what they would say)

Maybe I missed it but did you hear anyone from the left point out that blacks and Native Americans have also been forgotten as a response to the right anytime they brought up the forgotten rural, white voter??

The Younger Generation

When I see the Hunter, Ashley, and the Biden grandchildren and Kamala's niece and step-children all huddled together today it brings my heart so much joy and peace to know that these are caring individuals who have integrity!! Now compare that to the other younger generation of people that were huddled together this morning to hear Drumpf's speech....Ivanka, Jared, Eric, Lara, Don Jr, Guilfoyle, Tiffany, and her fiance....what a contrast...one group is a treasure and the other group is just plain trash!!

Something We All Need To See Today...Get Ready For Some Waterworks!

In these dismal days, this is something absolutely wonderful to watch....keep your tissues nearby!!


Why Isn't More Being Said About Trump Not Trying To Stop It?!

Trump says his speech was appropriate. We all know it wasn't!!!

But shouldn't another point be emphasized?? We all, including Trump, watched on TV the storming of the Capitol and all the destruction...we watched it go on and on and on! Why didn't he immediately send over the National Guard or tanks or something to stop those people??! He let it go on and on because he wanted them to keep doing it!!

I don't see this being said enough in the media!!

When Will The White House Get Sanitized??

Where is the time to sanitize the White House after Drumpf leaves and before The Bidens move in?? I don't think there will be any time. I think Joe and Jill and the pets need to live in a pet-friendly hotel until The White House is deemed safe to live in!!

Biden's Ankle

If Biden had twisted his ankle while playing with his dog BEFORE the election, could you even imagine how Drumpf and Fox News etc would have framed it??! The screaming tweets and headline story would be

"Biden Fell Down And Is Now On His Deathbed!!!!"

Biden Administration

Do you think Hillary will be asked for some spot in the administration??

I hope so. And not only because I like her but also because I want to see republican heads' spin!!

Today Trump Said That He Has An Understanding Of Coronavirus!!

Trump says he understands COVID. Oh really??! You called this a flu! You said we'd go from 15 deaths to 0! You said we could inject bleach to treat it! You said it was a hoax! You even now say it's rounding the corner even as numbers skyrocket! What the hell is wrong with you....you know absolutely nothing about anything!!!!!

Straight Face

I really want to know how these Republicans say things with straight faces!!

Today I saw a clip of Kayleigh talking to Stuart Varney and saying regarding this "election fraud" that transparency is always a good thing!

Says the person who defends the person that doesn't show his tax returns, doesn't show his transcript of grades, doesn't provide DNA when asked, doesn't provide legit health information...I could go on and on!

How did Kayleigh make that statement with a straight face??!

A Meme Needed For Today

Someone should make a meme of Drumpf standing today in front of the wreath at The Tomb of The Unknown Soldier with an air bubble over his head saying "Sucker! Loser!!"
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