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Member since: Sat Sep 5, 2020, 12:55 PM
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Today, my next door neighbor was getting his roof replaced by Mexican (I think) workers. All day long, I could hear them playing Spanish songs...I absolutely loved hearing all the songs!

So then in the evening I walked over to the fence that divides our homes and got the attention of one of the workers to ask him something. He didn't speak any English so I mustered up my college Spanish and told him how much I've enjoyed listening to their music all day. And then I asked if he could play a Selena song. Well, 2 minutes later, he did! I told him how much I appreciated that and thanked him and some of the other workers

They are such hard workers and very sweet and friendly!

All I can say is....I'd rather have immigrants "invade" my neighborhood than white supremacists!!

PS....I caught the workers at just the right time....the Selena song was the last one for the day. After that, they left!

Economic coattails

At the debate, do you think Biden should say to Trump that he didn't build the great economy (pre covid) that he likes to brag about. Should Biden say to Trump's face that he's riding on Obama's and his economic coattails...that they handed him a strong, healthy economy?!

My 2 Cents For Republican Officials With Young Children

If you work in the Administration or are a Republican Representative/Senator.....and you have young children, my 2 cents is to.....Get.Out.Now!!

Those young children of yours will grow into teenagers and young adults and they could very well be angry as hell that you were an enabler and supporter to this piece of filth that we have sitting in The Oval Office!

You're probably thinking "No, that could never happen because we are raising our kids with our Republican values." All I have to say to that, is two words....Claudia Conway!

Claudia was raised by Kellyanne and George in their Republican-values home, but look what happened to their family!

When your children become teenagers and young adults, they will not continue to parrot you....they will learn things from outside the household as they grow up. And as they grow up, they will form their own opinions

I am sure that many of you know deep down (maybe not even that deep down), that you are working for or supporting someone who is cruel, vindictive, unintelligent, a liar, a bigot, a racist, a misogynist, a bully, a con man, and a bumbling fool! Is it really worth it to you that enabling this piece of excrement could cause real damage in your relationship with your child/ren in the future??

If you're in the Administration, get out now! If you're a Republican Representative or Senator, just stop supporting him, and start speaking up against him!

Be the person that your future teenager/young adult will be proud of! Just imagine later in life, that even though there was a time you stood by Drumpf, they will be SO proud of you for waking up and making such a bold and brave decision to divorce yourself of him and that you put your conscience and integrity and country over everything else!

Think long and hard about it

My Question for Drumpf for Last Night

When Drumpf said last night that he thought he's handled the pandemic well, I wish Stephanopoulos had said "When Obama was President and there were 2 Ebola deaths during his administration, you had tweeted out that he should resign. So please explain to me how you can think that you've done a good job with COVID with 200,000 deaths."

Meghan McCain Literally Rolled Her Eyes

Meghan Mccain literally rolled her eyes today on The View when Joy Behar was talking about the climate change crisis. And then Meghan said she doesn't see Climate Change as a priority!

I really wish Joy or Whoopi or Sunny or Sarah had said to her virtual face "What is it with you Republicans....you're only concerned about something when you're affected! Maybe if the air quality of your precious Arizona gets affected by these wildfires, then maybe you'll start singing a different tune, Meghan!!"

Can't Put The Crazy Back in the Tube

Rethugs really screwed up. If RW media and the party had pushed someone normal and moderate like John Kasich during the '16 primaries, their party wouldn't be so crazy right now. Maybe Kasich could have won the primary and the general and the party would have still been able to push for a lot of their agenda under Kasich. Even if Kasich only won the primary but Hillary won the general, they still wouldn't have this huge crop of in your face racists and bigots, aka the deplorables, that are out there now

But now it's going to be hard to put the crazy back into the toothpaste tube! How do you shove the racists, the bigots, the wacky Qanon people, etc back into the closet from where they came from?? I don't think it's possible

Can Non-Maskers Please Sign A Waiver??

I wish there was a way to get non-mask wearers to have to sign a waiver that if they get COVID, hospitals do not have to treat them! It's not fair to use up precious resources on people who brought COVID onto themselves! And so unfair to add more work to already exhausted nurses and doctors!

Drumpf's press conference yesterday

I couldn't watch Drumpf's press conference yesterday regarding Woodward's recordings (I couldn't watch meaning I can never watch him because he makes me sick to my stomach)

But I read somewhere that he said something like Woodward never said that what he said was bad

Really??! Hey Drumpf....are you a child that someone needs to tell you what's good and what's bad??!

My God....he is the President of The United States and he needs someone else to tell him what's right and what's wrong??!!

Every.Single.Day this guy makes me speechless!!

Right Wing Media

It just kills me how the right wing has portrayed Hillary. For every supposed horror of hers, I can go tit for tat on Trump (plus a whole sh*#load more on him)!

Hillary - Benghazi
Trump - Yemen

Hillary - Use of personal server for emails
Trump - Ivanka and Jared and Melania and other members of Trump's team using used personal email accounts. Trump using a personal cell phone

Hillary - Corruption with The Clinton Foundation
Trump - Do I need to even say anything about corruption with The Trump Foundation??!

Hillary - Bill Clinton chatting with Lynch on the tarmac
Trump - Bill Barr...need I say more??!

Now, I can type a million more things to add to Trump's list of corruption but my fingers would start hurting!!

I wish that the republican base would understand that anything negative that Trump or the Republicans in Congress or the right wing media are going to try and throw against Biden or Harris is all just spinning...it's all just faux outrage and hype to try and poison your minds against them! The republicans don't even care about the issues that they brought up against Hillary...it was just their way to try and fabricate scandals against her to try and turn people against her! They accuse Hillary of wrongdoing when there isn't any and then Trump does the actual wrongdoing they falsely accused her of!

And the fact that the Right Wing Media doesn't talk about Yemen the way they did about Benghazi, doesn't talk about the Trump Foundation the way they did the Clinton Foundation, etc should make the republican base see that they're being propagandized to! But unfortunately they are in their propaganda bubble and don't realize how they are being deceived!

To The Republicans Who Still Support Trump

I know there aren't any republicans here, unless you're trolling, but someone please explain something to me. I truly don't understand

If you're not a millionaire or a racist, what are you getting out of this guy! Why on earth do you still support him??

I had 2 Republican friends, who are neither millionaires nor do they fall into the deplorable basket, but I can't ask them this question because we are no longer friends (because of politics)!

I would love for someone to please explain this to me

The only thing I can think of is that they watch only Fox News, listen to Rush Limbaugh etc so they are brainwashed into thinking the Democrats are the bad guys

For those of you who have republican friends or relatives, who are not millionaires or racists, who still support Drumpf, what's your take on it??
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