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Member since: Fri Sep 18, 2020, 07:58 PM
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Trump and Pence met today??


We are being played.

The next debate is in 14 days.

These sickos have something up their sleeve.

I am really worried about Nov 3rd and after..

Last night really opened my eyes to what a shit show this is going to be even after Biden wins on November 3rd. Trump got all his people in place to contest and win, to get mail in votes thrown out in key states, and to start shit on the streets if he has too.

What happens if Biden wins in a landslide. Trump is so deranged, does he start a war? Does he start civil unrest? Does he try to block Biden from taking over?

WTAE in Pittsburgh just had Trump +3

In Western PA outside Pittsburgh

This is amazing considering Trump won this area by 23 in 2016.

Has any Republican said anything about the Taxes?

Graham was really on the "Trump should release his taxes" train, has he said anything?
Mitch the bitch?

People like Collins and Ernst should be all over this to try to help them with votes?

My neighbor took down all his Trump stuff..


He had a Flag, a Trump Banner on his porch, and signs in his yard. This morning he was out pulling everything.

Don the Con

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