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Cheezoholic's Journal
Cheezoholic's Journal
December 3, 2023

If John McLaughlin hires you to play with Mahavishnu Orchestra at 17 years old you're a badass

If Jean Luc Ponty brings you along on his tour at 20, you're even more of a badass.
Detroit's very own Ralphe Armstrong is that bass badasses badass and more... he's an Egocentric Molecule.....
Turn that big mouth fish knob to 11 and shake those woofers

November 8, 2023

I spent more than a few hours randomly picking small toen races across the country

200 I think in my notebook as I couldn't volunteer at the polls for the first time since 84 and was bored. There was definitely a mini blue ripple across small town America. Can't give exact counts, definitely not scientific lol, but there were definite signs, especially city councils.

One thing I noticed, and unfortunately is usually the case in this country, in states with bigger ticket abortion rights or governor races there were exponentially large turnouts (look at Mississippi), especially Democrats. But still without "a big deal" on a ticket it was dismal at best. I mean towns with 10k residents and less than 1500 sometimes 1k voted. These are places Democrats can hit IMO. Repukes have taken these small towns one by one slowly over the last 40 years and they now take them for granted.

There's a little town of 700 people about 7 miles from me. 70 people voted and the incumbent Republican mayor beat the Dem challenger by 1 vote. Yes its not a lot of votes but if the Dems could use the web, spare some change and some professional party workers to fan out across the country and give local in person training courses on how to run for office, give folks some tools, I guarantee it will inspire that one person in that one small town that has always thought itd be impossible or useless. We could really start chipping away at that repuke fundamentalist raping of what used to be our base and take it back, especially young folks who now have access to the world from there one stoplight town..

With the coming resurgence of investment back into our country, the revival of US factories and Unions and with Joe (fuck these year out polls) already out there hitting and inspiring these small town folks (look what happened in KY) we can start to bury these fascists. Sure, the big cities and states are very important but they wont stand until we shore up and get back our common citizen foundation. They've changed and are ready for the 21st century. With the repukes so focused on their selfish DC selves right now yesterdays ripple could slowly become a blue tsunami they wont see until it hits the beach of Democracy a year from now.

November 7, 2023

Has anyone else noticed a trend to not put party affiliation on election yard signs?

Maybe I missed it in prior years but where I live the election year prior to a presidential year is most of our local elections and its also the year that the number of yard signs is annoyingly insane for the local small town student body popularity contest. I have only seen a few with party affiliation and you damn near have to walk up to it to see it. We also get INDY local TV and the mayoral adds have no party affiliation. Just curious if this is happening elsewhere.

October 7, 2023

Fall arrived this morning in the lower Great Lakes

Fall is my favorite time of year but that 1st sub 40 degree morning of the season is always a bit of a shock to the system especially when it was mid 80s a couple days ago. Just something about cold fall mornings, they feel crisp and clean

October 3, 2023

I'm imagining Harry Caray announcing this vote for The Kev

Holy Cow!! Ya can't beat the fun at the 'ol Chamber House!

October 3, 2023

I love crazy train movies

I know we all can't stand Jon Voight but if you have Prime or utube movies I think, Runaway Train is currently available. It stars Voight who plays a freaking insane ruthless killer to the T (probably didn't have to dig to deep for this role lol), Eric Roberts in one of the best roles IMO he's ever done and Rebecca De Mornay in one of her first roles keeping her clothes on at the beginning of her career and proving her acting chops.

I remember seeing this at a drive in (The original IMAX theaters, remember those?) in the mid 80's and it felt like what was going on in the social political environment during Rayguns evil reign, and they way many of us felt when RICO was running the show, we're flying off the tracks with a wacko at the wheel.

This one and Unstoppable (Denzel, Chris Pine) are my two favorites. If you've never seen Runaway Train give it a try. It translates director Konchalovsy's usual dark cold war undertones inside the soviet bloc iced by an action packed non-stop thriller without blood spatter packs popping off every 3 minutes. Great ride.

I'll spoil it with one of my favorite scenes in any movie in the modern version of the genre.

September 24, 2023

Phreakin Dylan just started playing at FarmAid lol

Surprise lol

August 29, 2023

What happened while Meadows was in the security car and shut the door on Hutchinson, twice?

I have scoured and can't find an answer. To me it was one of the most important statements from Cassidy Hutchinson's testimony. Here's a clip.......

It starts around 33 min into the clip....

Question 1...
According to her as the traitors began to head to the Capitol as Trump was ending his speech Ornato told her to find Meadows and inform him that people were heading towards the Capitol. She found him in a security car with the door open and on the phone. When she started to speak he just shut the door on her. When asked who he was talking to she said she didn't know but it wasn't someone he would normally be speaking to. That statement right there implies she may have known but maybe the J6 committee didn't want her to reveal or she revealed in a private deposition or she fumbled words.

Question 2...
She was asked how long he shut the door on her she said 20 minutes or so. She said that was very unusual for him to ignore her like that. Remember this was the exact time the over 300 Proud Boys and Oath Keepers were already prepping the scene at the Capitol for the full gamut of protestors coming. Was he communicating with other conspirators on the plan execution, especially getting the VP out of there?

Question 3...
She said she tried to open the door to inform him once and he shut the door again for a total of about 30 min then finally he got out and she told him about people heading towards the Capitol he then asked how much longer was left in the speech. I remember when asked another time She said he was possibly talking and he looked like he could be texting also. Once again who was he communicating with?

Was it even his phone or was it a burner? Why I think this is so important is if there was a planned coup that they could've rehearsed at the hotel the night before this was right at the time of the initial stage. I've gone back through the transcripts and really found nothing but her testimony that relates to this. They got his phone, is this going to be evidence at trial if he was dumb enough to use his phone for these reasons?

All I know is he was sitting in a car alone dialing receiving and texting to mystery people for 30 minutes or so towards the end of Trump getting them rialed up and at the same time Proud Boyz and Oath Keepers and whomever, 3 percenters, were getting in position around the Capitol to open the barricades when the crowd got there. I mean it looks to me like he could've been getting and/or giving go/no go orders in this clumsy stupid plan. It's been bugging me since her testimony. WHO THE FUCK WAS HE TALKING TO!!!!!
August 28, 2023

No-nonsense straight up discussion on Idalia from Dr. Levi

Many may be familiar but for those who aren't, he has an update daily when the big nasty's are threatening. I call him the Carl Sagan of tropical weather as he's really good at explaining the complexity's of these storms. No hype here just straight up science.....

(Ryan Hall is an ex TV weatherman that sells yard sticks... just sayin' )

August 28, 2023

Idalia down to 990mb, should be a hurricane by 11am advisory

Hunters in there now, its beginning to form an eyewall on its South side. Please take this storm seriously. Models are still forecasting lower pressures (940 or lower) at landfall as a potential Cat 3 major hurricane as Idalia will be passing over the loop current or the "Cat 5" generator as we like to call it.........

NHC Discussion..."Idalia is sitting over very warm waters of about 30 degrees
Celsius, and when it moves northward, it will be over the even
deeper warm waters of the Loop Current in 24-36 hours. Although
the trough over the Gulf could impart some shear over the system,
this is likely to be offset by upper-level diffluence. Idalia has
already strengthened more than anticipated, and the environment
looks ripe for additional intensification, possibly rapid. The NHC
intensity forecast has been increased and lies at the upper bound of
the guidance. The new prediction now shows a 95-kt hurricane over
the eastern Gulf of Mexico at 48 hours, but it should be stressed
that additional strengthening to major hurricane strength is
becoming increasingly likely before Idalia reaches the Gulf coast
of Florida.
Interests within the storm surge and hurricane watch
areas are urged to prepare for possible significant impacts and
monitor future updates to the forecast.

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