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Member since: Wed Sep 30, 2020, 04:57 PM
Number of posts: 1,662

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CNN needs to do a sky-hook operation and scoop Erin Burnett out of the warzone

Pre-text I am not a misogynist by any means so don't flame me. SOMEONE else in my home likes her so I have to listen at times The woman has no business reporting from a warzone. She doesnt understand it, hasnt got the stomach for it and she is like fingernails on a chalkboard when I hear her reports from Ukraine. Yesterday she whined and whined about what good are the sanctions against Russia when there are people suffering on the ground. They finally moved her to the Polish border where shes whining again that nobody is doing enough to help these people. This is fucking war, its ugly, it sucks, its evil and its not a weekend little league game dammit. We are as close to a nuclear war as we have been since the year I was born. If you want to report on the human tradgety of war do so but please, please don't whine and complain. Its fucking war and it fucking sucks big time.

Just had to vent sorry.

2nd night of mass demonstrations in Tblisi against putrid

Might have to scroll down the page....

My dumbass just realized CPAC Orlando 2022

Started today the 24th. The same day as the Russian criminal invasion. Turning off conspiracy theory synapses.

1400 Russian protesters "detained"

When people ask why the Russian people are letting this happen, this is why. Most people in the US cant even fathom the way the heavy hand of the Putin state brutalizes its people into submission. This is the way it's always been. From the monarchies back 300 years ago to the con of the Bolsheviks, the genocides of Stalin, the crushing isolation of the Cold War to the Stalinistic sociopathy of the current regime. The Russian people have never known even a semi free and open society that has a say in their government. All they've known is oppression, torture and death for speaking up. That is why they tow the line and force themselves to believe in their leaders. The state not only brutally punishs the protestors, they go after their families in true gangster fashion. It takes great courage and sacrifice, even a life, to stand up and be heard. These protestors are heroes on another level.

This is what Putin is truly afraid of, the "cancer" of Democracy spreading from Ukraine into his kingdom. As the President said, this is a pivotal point for the life of democracies around the world and that is why we must stand firm now. These sanctions along with a directed information campaign and a wall of steel along the eastern Ukraine may be enough to give the Russian people the confidence to rise up against this madman. IMO thats the only way this ends without mushroom clouds.


Song for Sinema (Perhaps I wont get censored here. Carlins steaming) "warning for Sarcasm"

Song for Sinema (Bitch Girl)
Independence Hall
Thomas JefferOates


Youre a bitch girl
In your Betty Boop dress,
The mirror is all that matters anyway
Fuck the folks that gave up their hard earned money
Fuck the party that let you ride on their trolley

Youre a bitch girl,
Betrayed everyone
Cause its all about you anyway
Sold your soul for the corporate money, Sold your soul


Just because, because you believe,
That a sucker,
Is born everyday of the week
Doesnt mean, that you can,
You can take their vote, blow it up in smoke, and betray Democracy

Verse 2

Shes now a rich girl
And shes gone to far
She doesn't care anymore anyway.
She can rely on the Big Pharma money,
She can rely on the Big Bank money.

Youre a bitch girl
Youre a bridge too far,
Your betrayal goes down in history,
Big money money gonna haunt you, all the way to your your grave

Chorus 2

A better soul, one has to be,
Or is it so easy, so easy to throw it all away
John McCain, in his tortured pain
Even found a way, to a higher plain and you're gonna toss it all away


Shes now a rich girl
And shes gone to far
She doesn't care anymore anyway.
She can rely on the Big Pharma money,
She can rely on the Big Bank money.

There is now officially a public 25k dollar bounty on any females head in TX whom

even openly speaks about, let alone tries to get an abortion after 6 weeks.

You on the "Supreme" court. You who "eat" the flesh and "drink" the blood of Jesus in your morbid rituals. What weight of hate, brutality or death will you carry on your shoulders for turning a blind eye?

Now tell me, who are the true Lizard people?

Shacked up in a hotel with my uncle east of Baton Rouge

It's our turn. The bayous, marshes and deltas did their job giving Ida a gut punch. Disgusting how that natural defense is being destroyed.

It's knarley out there but nothing like folks to the south. Took my uncle out for a ride for a few hours earlier which was interesting, my uncle I mean lol. 93year old Korean War vet and his bottle of Cutty Shark. He gets and can do what he wants for the most part as far as I'm concerned. He's still smart as a whip and in no way feeble.

Were getting some good 80-90 mph gusts. I think he knows he may not be living on Grand Isle anymore. I love this old guy.

Lets be real on some of the vaccination hesitancy

Now that the FDA has approved at least the Pfizer vaccine insurance companies butts are covered. One of the biggest road blocks to the private community, especially small businesses, mandating vaccines was their insurance providers not covering them because they would mandate a non FDA approved treatment. When are we as a country going stop letting these multi billion dollar "gamblers" stop dictating the rules of the very game "of risk" they wish to indulge themselves? I wish I could go to Vegas and manipulate the rules of the game of risk of my choosing to only benefit me and not the majority of the players that sweeten the pot. Insurance, like the stock market and the black jack table is gambling pure and simple. Insurance in this country is gambling where the high rollers set the rules. It must stop.
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