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Cheezoholic's Journal
Cheezoholic's Journal
January 8, 2021

Whats up with Kayleigh McEnany?

Looked like a little girl who just found out daddy was a criminal. Oh wait, she is a little girl and her daddy is a criminal.

January 7, 2021

To hell with Sr. Don Jr should immediately be arressted

For inciting a riot at the very least. After the shit he said today, even more so than his derelict traitor father, he flat out told these pieces of shit to do what they did. He threatened congressional members with harm, flat out. That piece of shit needs cuffs on him NOW!

November 20, 2020

I was sent the transcript of the Orange-Palmer call Wed. night!

My source received the video but had to quickly transcribe it before it self destructed......

PP (President Pig): "Good evening Monica, this is the President. May I call you Monica"?

MP (Faithless Traitor): "Hello Mr. President. I'm honored. Why yes that is...."

PP: "As well you should be. First of all Monica, you said I could call you Monica, and btw, I know you're not that crooked Hillary's Monica
or we wouldn't be having this conversation right? (chuckles).

MP: "Oh my lord no sir. That was the most despicable thing that ever happened in the Whit...."

PP: "Yes it was, yes it was. You know I keep opening closet doors in the Lincoln bedroom and look down and nope,
she's not there on her knees. I thought every President had one in the Lincoln bedroom closet. Another thing Democrats
have deprived my Presidency of don't you think Monica?"

MP: "Uh, (throat clearing) absolutely sir. They have unfairly and viciously attac...

PP: "Yes they have, yes they have. So Monica, I first want to thank you for joining this Zoomer call with me.
This Zoomer, it's amazing don't you think?"

MP: "Oh, yes sir. It's amazing techno...."

PP: "And we wouldn't have it if I hadn't of took it easy on that commy Gates. I'm glad I had Jared to hold me back because if old Roy would've still been alive that Gates would've been locked up. But I had to back off and keep that market going.
You know, we wouldn't have had the greatest economic growth in human history if I didn't make tough decisions like that don't you Monica?"

MP: "I couldn't agree more Mr. Pres...

PP: "You better. So, could you do me a favor Monica? Could you tilt the camera on your Zoomer pod down a little, All I can see is the top of your head. Looking people in the eye is important"

MP: "I'm so sorry Mr. President. There is that better?"

PP: "A little lower, not quite there"

MP: "Umm, ok how about that?"

PP: "Lower"

MP: "Better?"

PP: "That's much better. I saw a picture of you a while ago and your, umm, hair is much more striking on Zoomer TV."

MP: "Why thank you Mr. President, I'm very flatt...."

PP: "That's a gorgeous blouse you have on, is that one of Ivanka's?"

MP: "Why, yes it is sir, you have e avery good ey...

PP: "Yes I thought it was. That's the one I sketched on her palm. I told her go make that and you'll have your own designer line. Such a good girl. Are you wearing the matching skirt? Could you stand up so I can see how they match?"

MP: "Umm, yes and certainly..... see I bought the matching set."

PP: "Yes I see, amazing. Could you turn around? It's been awhile and I can't remember if Ivanka put in the professinal grabber slit
I told her to on that skirt."

MP: "Ok, and yes that's a defining part of the outfit, beautiful"




MP: "Sir? Did we get disconnected?"

MP: "Sir? Are you ok? You've moved out of range of the camera."

PP: (scuffling odd grunting noises) "Yes, yes I'm here. I had to turn on the Zoomer TV block for a moment for a National Security call."

MP: "Of course. Absolutely sir. What would we do without you securi......"

PP: "So Monica. Let's get down to business. I think you know why I'm calling don't you Monica?"

MP: "Yes sir and I do want to apolog..."

PP: "You were a naughty girl Monica, naughty naughty girl."

MP: (tears welling up)"I'm so sorry sir. Those people were so vicious. I was honestly scar..."

PP: "It's ok Monica, I'm sure you were emotional, I figured it was your moon time. I saw those ANTIFA bastards. Bill just set a stack of folders with their criminal files on my desk. We've already ID'd them. ANTIFA commy socialist plants, all of them! Did you know 2 of them aren't even US citizens? They Zoomered you from Argentina!!"

MP: "Oh my God!"

PP: "Don't worry Monica, you're safe. I've got my eye on you now, you're protected. Now you're traitor buddy, can you tell me, is he that
radical, commy, ANTIFA general, radio... uh, what's his name?, uh, Hartman yeah. That Hartman commy radio guy from Michigan?"

MP: "Oh lord no sir. Bill has been fighting his entire life to protect our great American culture from the infestation that has invaded our
great state over the last 100 years. He is a true patr..."

PP: "Damn it! Ok, hold one minute." (moves out of camera view) "Miller. Miller!! MILLER!!"
(assuming Stephen Miller comes in, strange sound, like heels of shoes clicking) "Yeah, yeah put your damn hand down. Hey hurry and go call those
Proud Boogologlios idiots we activated in Michigan and tell them to stand down. Wrong Hartman. Don't need a friendly fire incident.... well go damn it!"

MP: "Oh my sir. I'm not sure wha..."

PP: "Don't worry Monica we got this. Now see? Daddy's got your back.... (chuckles) that's what I always tell Ivanka to make her feel safe."

MP: "You're a great fathe..."

PP: "Ok, UberEats is on it's way we don't have much more time. What I need you two to do is take it back, take it all back. However you need to do it
reverse your reverse to your original vote."

MP: "I can look into it sir but I'm not sure. There may even be legal ramifica...."

PP: "WOMAN!! YOU WILL DO WHAT DADDY SAYS!!! Sorry, things are little edgy around here, ANTIFA's right outside the window, I know it. Monica?
Are you still there?"

MP: (crawls back into her chair)"Um yes sir I am and ...."

PP: "Listen Monica. Don't worry about jail. Do you know what a Pardon is?"

MP: "Yes sir, but what if they throw you out?"


MP: "Yes sir I am!"

PP: "Ok then. Look, before they can invade the bunker I will be signing an executive order that gives me Pardon powers for everyone and anyone
for eternity. Everybody says I can do it. So you don't have to worry. I just need you two to go out there and be good soldier's and do whatever it takes.
Do that and we'll bring you to the White House and I'll give you a personal tour of the Lincoln Bedroom" (winks)

MP: "Yes sir!! I will! And we will save our great country from the evil gr..."

PP: "You with the bucket! Yeah it's a round room put your eyes back in your head and bring me my bucket! That bald scary guy by the door will pay you."

"Your Zoomer call has ended."

November 15, 2020

New Reality TV show

Real Douchebags of the Republican Party.
First 2 "stars" to move into the productions Tybee Island beach home, DuhSantus and Whimsy Graham. First episode opens with the first 2 douchebags finishing off a 6 pack of cans of Cupcake Sauvignon Blanc comparing shoes, crying tears about mean people that won't give them money ending in a full blown emotional meltdown "My Pillow" fight about who loves Trump more.
"Next weeks episode they will be joined by"..Line 'em up!
November 14, 2020

A stimulus package has to be done, like yesterday

I've been holding my tongue on this because I knew nothing would be done before the election. I get why Nancy and the Dems are holding out for a full on bill. I get why Ditch was just throwing bread crumbs because thats who they are. The fact of the matter is congress needs to act now.
Over the next 6 weeks people who were laid off in March are going to start falling off the UI roll's into unemployment purgatory. That will remove them from any access to a stimulus package after the fact except a lump payment like the pitiful 1200 dollar check 6 months ago. You must be eligible and drawing unemployment in order to receive any extra benefits.
The CARES act gave all states a guaranteed 13 week extension after folks ran through the initial 26 weeks of benefits (26 in most states, some vary). There is also extended benefits after that of 13 weeks IF your state's unemployment rate is enough to trigger that from the feds. But you must draw the CARES 13 weeks first. That's important as many states unemployment rates are dropping just enough that the extended benefits are being cancelled.
Both sides said IF a stimulus is passed it WILL be retroactive. The point there is if your UI has completely expired you're basically fucked, you don't get shit.
The number of people that are now on the CARES 13 week extension has more than doubled since October to nearly 5 million. If they live in a state that federal extended benefits have been triggered off, this is it. That extra CARES 13 weeks is it and won't last past Xmas.
My point is, they need to do something now. If the Dems need to break this up into seperate bills in order to satisfy Ditch they need to do it. By the end of Nov beginning of Dec folks are going to start dropping off the UI rolls with zero safety net even if something gets passed after the fact. Current trends are upwards of 6 million dropping off UI by Xmas.
Yes, I am one of them, laid off since March. 60 years old, this is only the second time I've drawn UI in my life. I'm over the partisan bickering. The election is over. Bust the damn bill up and get the money where it needs to go now. There are millions of us that are going to lose everything without help. If they wait until January it's to late, it's going to get really bad, soup line bad. I will fight for whats right to the bitter end but we can't fight if we're Steinbecked. I don't want to have to drive 3 hours round trip to an Amazon warehouse for 15 bucks an hour and risk dying when I have a BA I'm still paying for dammit. Not in this country, not when Wall Street gets 12 trillion printed and handed to them. This isn't just the Repukes, the Dems have to do whatever it takes. Bust the fucking bill up if that's what it takes!

November 12, 2020

Indiana Covid levels reaching record levels

Indiana has just matched it's highest daily death rate since March. Daily hospital admissions have nearly doubled from rates in March. Covid ICU beds are at or slightly above late March levels. Positivity rates are running near 25%. Hospitals statewide are expecting a 2 fold increase in admissions and ICU patients over the next few weeks and are beginning to feel the pressure worse than in March.

Holcombe opened the state up, got re-elected, and now is looking at backtracking Indiana's phased opening plan but on a county level depending on county metrics.
Even those suggested rollbacks aren't mandatory and aren't restrictive enough to stop the freight train that is up to speed and accelerating.


November 11, 2020

Does nobody remember that when it comes to the ACA...

the compromises that were made from the original proposal? The original proposal was basically single payer. The current ACA is a gutted version of what Obama and the Democrats originally wanted. In desperation to at least get something they not only compromised with the Republicans but let the Republicans put extreme restrictions on it just to get something passed. One of those was the penalty if you have no insurance. That was a Republican introduced requirement to the bill. The Republicans gutted ACA, set it up for failure in the future as a mea culpa to the Democrats so it would pass. The Democrats, backed into a corner, compromised the shit out of the ACA just to get at least something. It is very important, the Republicans wanted the mandate originally! I swear, the shit these fucks get away with.

November 8, 2020

I get the celebrations but..

It's really hard to defend mainstream media when they spent months attacking the other side for holding packed rallies during this pandemic. I'm seeing cameras on packed crowds and nobody's saying anything. It really does nothing but reenforce what Trump was telling his base the last couple months. The virus will disappear right after the election.
There is still a very serious health threat out there. Dems voted by mail to be safe yet with a victory they're crowding together like trump rallies. Not trying to put a damper on the celebration but it's very easy for the other side to claim hypocrisy.

November 7, 2020

A victory song from the great white north....

Trust me the folks up there are just as relieved as we are. Neil would be pleased. More victories to come!

November 7, 2020

A victory song from our friends in the great white north...

Hopefully the first of many victories over the next 4 years.....

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