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Member since: Wed Sep 30, 2020, 04:57 PM
Number of posts: 1,662

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There is now officially a public 25k dollar bounty on any females head in TX whom

even openly speaks about, let alone tries to get an abortion after 6 weeks.

You on the "Supreme" court. You who "eat" the flesh and "drink" the blood of Jesus in your morbid rituals. What weight of hate, brutality or death will you carry on your shoulders for turning a blind eye?

Now tell me, who are the true Lizard people?

Shacked up in a hotel with my uncle east of Baton Rouge

It's our turn. The bayous, marshes and deltas did their job giving Ida a gut punch. Disgusting how that natural defense is being destroyed.

It's knarley out there but nothing like folks to the south. Took my uncle out for a ride for a few hours earlier which was interesting, my uncle I mean lol. 93year old Korean War vet and his bottle of Cutty Shark. He gets and can do what he wants for the most part as far as I'm concerned. He's still smart as a whip and in no way feeble.

Were getting some good 80-90 mph gusts. I think he knows he may not be living on Grand Isle anymore. I love this old guy.

Lets be real on some of the vaccination hesitancy

Now that the FDA has approved at least the Pfizer vaccine insurance companies butts are covered. One of the biggest road blocks to the private community, especially small businesses, mandating vaccines was their insurance providers not covering them because they would mandate a non FDA approved treatment. When are we as a country going stop letting these multi billion dollar "gamblers" stop dictating the rules of the very game "of risk" they wish to indulge themselves? I wish I could go to Vegas and manipulate the rules of the game of risk of my choosing to only benefit me and not the majority of the players that sweeten the pot. Insurance, like the stock market and the black jack table is gambling pure and simple. Insurance in this country is gambling where the high rollers set the rules. It must stop.

The MSM has Afghan people on their shows ...

thanking them for helping America in Afghanistan. What kind of arrogant BS is that? Seriously. I'm speechless. As far as I'm concerned we deserve every and any repercussion from the last 20 years. All of this hype is BS. Sorry people are dying, sorry women are being persecuted like they are in untold other countries around the world, including our own. Sorry, we cant fix the world. I'm embarrassed that the media is saying thank you for supporting the US. Thats just fucked up.

IN court of Appeals denies states stay request on Fed. UI benefits

A superior court issued an injunction on 6/25 ordering the state to reinstate Fed. UI benefits they stopped on 6/19 until an original lawsuit can be decided. The state appealed wanting a stay of that order. The Appeals court denied the request for stay of that order today forcing the state to re-enter the Fed program immediately and to pay all weeks back to the 19th until the original lawsuit against them can be heard and decided. Small victories against these fascist repuke assholes.


Judge grants injunction to temporarily continue Pandemic unemployment payments

Of all the states cutting the Pandemic UI early IN was in a unique position in that there is a Statute on the books that requires the state to give out any and all UI insurance the federal govt gives/offers them. A lawsuit was filed a couple of weeks ago by Indiana Legal Services on behalf of all citizens of the state and an emergency injunction hearing was requested this week to have the state reinstate Pandemic UI benefits immediately, which were cutoff on the 19th, until the lawsuit is settled. That injunction was granted today requiring the State to continue payments.
This was just issued. There is more info at Indiana Legal Services FB page.

McCarthy vs Liz....

Record breaking late season snow in Indiana

I'm about 60 miles NE of Indy and have measured 4.5 sticking to the ground. Record in Indy this late in the season was 2.4" set in 1897. That record should be broken. Won't get much attention as it will all begin melting in about 6 hours but a pretty significant weather event none the less.

Is there a DU thread for mushroom hunting?

If not would this be the place to start it? That is if anyone would be interested. Found my first half dozen black morels today in central IN.
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