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Member since: Wed Sep 30, 2020, 04:57 PM
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The 11th hour really is no more

Williams said even with him gone his famous intro of the day count of the current administration would continue. Well i guess it's no more. Not like I've been watching every night like I used too. Respect to Stephanie but this is not the time slot for her. There needs to be edge and wit in this time slot, well, because thats what I'm used too across TV media. 11pm was when the kids were asleep and the adults watched their adult night shows before bed. Whatever you think about Williams he delivered the news smartly with a witfully sometimes sarcastic tint with the show itself mimicking a newspaper in its layout.
Last time I watched, i dont know how long ago, she was doing the "day xxx of the Biden administration" intro. Tonight it was gone. Time for bed.

How did McCarthy not know who spoke at the 1/6 rally

4 days afterwards? How did he not know what they said 4 days afterwards? Seriously, litsen to the recordings released Monday and ignore the backtracking crap and listen to him. He asks an awful lot of questions with answers half the population of America knew, answers that had been plastered all over news media for days. He's got Scalise googling Brooks exact quote at the rally. Does anyone even find any of that remotely suspicious? Him lying, big deal in repuke land, it's the norm. Why is he asking specific questions about the 1/6 rally under the impression he has no clue what happened that day? I'm either paranoid or people are way more gullible than I thought. Listen to him, not the headline....

So are we giving up?

The midterms are notoriously anti the party in power. Are we giving up the midterms? Just because thats the status quo, are we giving up? Is this November not just as important if not more important than 2020? Maybe I'm beating a dead horse, but dammit, if we beat these fucks in November its 1000 times more important than 2024. Why am I not seeing or hearing or feeling the same stuff from this party as I did in 2019? 2022 is it.

Great, 35 dollar insulin, great

What about the fucking test strips!!! Jesus talk about recursive income. Whatever
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