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Member since: Wed Sep 30, 2020, 04:57 PM
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Liz be running in 2024

IMO that closer was a shot over the bow to the extremists in the repuke party. Always been my fear out of this, the resurrection of the neo-cons, and they come out looking like saviors in all of this.

In the words of Charlatan NRA Heston

I'll give you my vote when you pry my right from my cold dead hands.

This week is a big deal

Yes with the 1/6 hearings but IMO with the House beginning to put bills on the floor to put repukes on record via votes concerning massively popular laws protecting privacy and choice. THIS will fend off anything these fucks throw at us in Nov. and let us retain the House.

These bills give Dems in the house ammo, big time ammo, ammo they desperately need, to fight the BS the repukes are trying to sell. Honestly, if this week is a sign, it's the most proactive I've seen the party at the House level in a long time. Nancy needs to keep it up. Pile drive these bills for the next 3 months.

It's so important for Dems running in the House. We have to put the repukes on their heels. Roe is the opportunity, but privacy is the hammer. Fuck it if the bills don't get through the Senate, the House is where we are vulnerable. Give these House members the Javelin missiles they need to fight these fascist crazy fucks in the micro world districts they have to run politically.

Leadership needs to continue to evolve from reactionary fear and to keep it up. Do not let up. Never give up. Gatling Gun these fuckers Nancy, I beg you.

I'm busting my ass, doing everything in my power

To replace (R)Todd Young with (D) Thomas McDermott Jr. in the US senate this midterm. Mayor Tom is getting out spent 10-1 but he's not giving up. I wish Dems would pay more attention to this state. it's not nearly as red as some think, polls be damned. I'm embarrassed how Indiana was deceived by the child of Bayh whom ended up driving a stake into the democratic party in this state that we are still recovering from. I was one that bought the bullshit of the youngest governor the state has known, only to be let down by someone who held self interest over public service. it's not always easy to spot smart charlatans, likeable carpet baggers, especially when you're young. I'm embarrassed by how much the rural and semi rural towns in this state bought into the christofascists repuke revival show that barreled into this state after it was devastated, 'softened' by the initial repuke artillery barrage of union busting, corporate farm land grabs and decimation of education. They did to this state and other agri states the same, the exact same thing, they did to the coal mining states of the east. Textbook.

Indiana may not turn blue this midterm but there are very positive signs for 2024, especially among younger voters. I can' tell you how many younger voting age people I call who are willing to engage, listen and respond with more positivity than expected to the message we are trying to get out. It's nearly 2 to 1 compared to voters I contact over 40. That's a positive sign to me that Thomas's message, the party's message and the progressive message is landing where it counts, the future.

But the fight needs to really go into overdrive as we enter August. We all here know how threatened that future could be no matter what if these fascists win on Nov. Thats part of the message we are trying to get out on these calls. I really encourage everyone, engage as much as you can, locally on up. I'm not doing much but I'm telling you, the positive feed back I'm getting from these calls is ever increasing as the weeks go by. As flat out pissed i get at the overall picture at times, this glimmer reassures me all is not lost, that we can beat these assholes on any piece of dirt in this country if we try hard enough.

NEVER give up


Watching todays hearing, Smedly Foul picked up a can of diet Dr. Pepper

I asked my partner, "did you just see how she drank that?" I told her that she knocked back that can with all of the professionalism of Blutarsky. I was surprised she didn't crush the can into that Aqua net re-enforced boulder she calls hair.

Top it all off Rachel said something similar in a quick quip tonight. We know who wears the hood in the Powell family lmao

Bannon and Flynn are both former military officers

Not grunts per se, fucking officers in the US military. Regardless of rank, as members of the officer core of the US military they both need to be prosecuted within the military. There are numerous enlisted individuals prosecuted all the time within the military who are sentenced to years in military prison under military law. These two continue to violate military law openly, they continue to violate their oaths as officers of the US military. Military law is not the same as the law you and I are used too. They should be, must be prosecuted under military law for sedition against not just the Constitution but against the offices of the executive and legislative branches of our government. Letting these fucks get away with this shit is so fucking dangerous. It opens the doors to potential seditionists in the military that they can use their positions to back a political coup without any repercussions. These fuckers must be prosecuted period.

Just reported on MSNBC Deadline White House

Biden considering declaring a health emergency for abortion access. Sorry no link, listening on radio.
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