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Weismann and Katyal TFG WILL BE INDICTED in GA. Strongest language yet from them

on Lawrence last night with Weismann going so far as saying he is now in the "prediction business" and setting the 24th of this month or right after as the date. Weismann also reiterated the point that TFG, if convicted on any state charges, cannot ever receive a federal executive pardon.

Katyal agreed that the indictments in GA will be quickly forthcoming and followed up that along with the expected GA indictments as read "in the tea leaves" presented by DA Willis' investigation progress yesterday it will, in his opinion, provide the final piece in the foundation necessary for Jack Smith to begin bringing Federal indictments and he expects them along side the GA case. I might add Katyal has been one of the legal scholars to be more openly critical of the length of time some of this has taken.

Also after that exchange with LD they go on to absolutely annihilate the fantasy of the new House majority to try and subpoena the DOJ in any attempt to investigate ongoing DOJ investigations. Both reminding all of us that any action as such would be a direct violation of the separation of powers and the act has been tried before and the DOJ would have standing in refusing any such subpoenas. Katyal almost dared them to try and said even this SCOTUS would prevent them from doing so if need be. He said it quite forcefully, for him anyway lol.

I have never heard either of these distinguished gentleman speak with this much certainty on charges being brought, finally, against this pathetic excuse for an American. Both have always chosen their words carefully stopping just short of implying certainty in this matter until now. I was very, and pleasantly, surprised. Their comments combined with the fast actions and recent subpoenas by Smith since his return from Europe along with the completion of duty and adjournment of DA Willis' investigative Grand Jury in GA and the re-opening of false elector investigations today in MI make me feel more confident than ever the Justice train for this fuck and his slimy cohorts is now rolling full steam ahead and these indictments will happen very very soon.

I'll also add MSNBC didn't add any of this interview to their collection of youtube clips from their shows on their youtube channel. None of this was even in their usual condensed show re-cap. They just showed discussions of the classified document no story crap. Very disappointing. So I included the clip below with, at least for me, the most important political news discussion yesterday, maybe in a good while.

For the impatient 17:25 - 26:30 is the pertinent discussion and then they and Moss put a fork into the classified document malarkey( ) to end the clip.

Why is it when Dems hold the house only, they are portrayed as weak and defeated

yet when the fascists have the house only, especially such a slim margin, its dooms day. I dont get it. These idiots can parade their shit show all they want for 2 years but they won't be able to codify any of it via the Senate and Executive.
I would argue they are as weak as their so called speaker and WE are working from a point of strength.

They can't "damage" the house, those are just rules that can be revoked in 2 years. Sure they can investigate the color of Bidens underwear if they want but c'mon, these dipshits are just going to end up pissing the American people off to no end IMO.

We also need to remember, we only need to get 6 at most repukes to sign off on or stop any legislation for the next 2 years. 6 out of 218, not 20 or 30 or 40 or more as in past congresses. 6 at most, thats it. Even on the debt ceiling. Remember house members by nature are sausage grinders. They answer to a myriad of billion dollar companies especially repukes. those in tight districts will need to be especially careful when it comes to giving or cutting money, which is the strongest leverage the house has. But even that, as we ourselves have found out in the past, isn't the power it's cracked up to be if you have little or no power in the Senate or in the Executive. That's why I'm not totally freaked out about the debt ceiling right now.

We need to operate through the next 2 years from a position of strength, carefully selecting our battles, carefully looking, not necessarily reaching, across the aisle to those who may be vulnerable or even like minded at that particular moment. We need to message that WE aren't being the obstruction every time their in fighting stalls their circus. They have the votes to pass legislation supposedly so let them try, alone and divided. Like the speaker vote, we have no reason to assist in their agenda. If anything, we have the edge in a more "for the people" centered agenda so unless it improves that, fuck 'em. They can't circumnavigate the next 2 hurdles they would need. We have them cornered, forcing them to come up with viable solutions, which, well, ain't gonna happen lol.

I say WE have the advantage here. It's all on them for the next 2 years.

Remember, 10pm EST is primetime in McDribbles district

Just sayin

Is Louisiana requiring ID to stream C-SPAN yet?

Because there's been more narcissistic back and forth fellatio on there than UPorn the last 4 days.
I need a shower, I feel dirty

212 stand firm, stand proud!


What a waste of pizza

The 212 must stand strong, we must stand strong

IMO this is again part of the most IMPORTANT time in history for the Democratic party, for those who believe in democracy, in the last 50 years. We are dug in and we cannot waiver PERIOD. Whatever happens with the other side in the house we cannot budge. The next 2 years are going to be painful as hell no matter who the hell wins the speakership. But if we stand our ground now, give them no quarter whatsoever we can force the other side to begin to shed itself of this infliction.

They are acting now the way we used to. And they played the long game and never removed the knee from the neck, even if it meant pain for their side. We must learn from our past how to deal with these fascists, and there are more than 20. We must preserve the institution first and foremost before we can give it the care and rebuilding that it needs after 50 years of these these authoritarians trying to tear it down.

This has been their goal from the start, make no mistake. They made their big move in 2016, and are now reaping the rotten fruit of their labor. The American people, as fickle as we are, will see it if we just stay dug in where we are at right now. The right is scared to death right now. They are vulnerable and weakened. We can wipe them out if we stand together and give them nothing, no compromise, no deal.

Look to our Ukrainian brothers and sisters. They are fighting the same fight, albeit with blood. We must not let their sacrifices, the sacrifices of our own through the last 250 years, or anyone battling to protect democracy in the world be for nought. If we show them compassion they will swallow us and destroy democracy as we know it on this planet.

The 212 must stand strong, we must stand strong. We all must resist the temptation to work with these demons. Let them self destruct. Then they can re-build their party, they will be forced to. We must protect the institution, no matter how flawed it is right now, because it is all that stands between fascism and freedom. Any calls for working with the current form of the opposition should be silenced RIGHT NOW!!

We are in the position of power now. Embrace it. Respect it. Keep it.

Check this out, Right before Lord Liar's name was called

Gaetz was right behind him texting. Liar was looking at his phone. They called his name twice, then then Liar raised his hand like a frightened school boy and shouted McCarthy. At the same time Gaetz approached him from behind and said something to him as he brushed by Liar. The clerk had moved on and didnt acknowledge Liars vote. 6th grade politics at it's finest.

This is such a scam

Free coverage to bash the left. Is how these pricks roll.
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