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Member since: Wed Sep 30, 2020, 04:57 PM
Number of posts: 1,662

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Severe weather- Just posting for visibility

This is one of the largest strings of tornado watches issued at one time Ive seen in 40 years. They now stretch from central WS to E Central TX. Besides East TX and N LA basically everyone east of the MS river to west of a line from PA to GA will be under the gun for all types of severe weather through the early morning hours.


PDS tornado watches from N LA to S MN

Thats nuts. IL, MO, IA especially lookout. This is a big ass system.

The upcoming republican presidential primary


Millions are about to be seperated from money

most of them probably don't have. Fat Ass is gonna need a bigger grift machine.

Law enforcement should call prep for Fat Mans arrest Operation Empty Sidewalk

and clear the sidewalks along the route. Nothing would piss that fuck off more than nobody to wave to

I really believe Ukraine will be getting advanced fighter aircraft sooner than later

The logistical and training challenge to maintain and arm these aircraft is an intense heavy load. Getting experienced pilots ready to fly and train their fellow airmen in them isn't as difficult. The UK is working on it and I'd bet other NATO nations, including us, have Ukrainian personnel in country getting crash courses on those very things amongst other weaponry and tactics. This report says upwards of 30k Ukrainian personnel are already in or coming to the UK to be trained on NATO aircraft amongst other things. I was surprised by that number.

So to Fat Man, Europe's not doing shit to help us help Ukraine? Go wipe your ass if you can reach it


With all of these investigations into the Fat Man

possibly coming to their fruition soon to me one thing is clear. Whomever jumps the gun first better have as close to an iron clad case as possible. The hush money case scares the shit out of me because it's the weakest IMO and honestly I have a hard time trusting Bragg. IMO if the Fat Man gets vindicated out of the gate we're screwed. If he gets found innocent before these other, more damaging IMO cases get going, the J6 stuff is going seem like kids at army camp.

I just hope whomever goes after him first has as close to 100% as possible of nailing him. Nothing will stick on this slimy fucker if they don't. That's why I'm patient, as hard as it is.

Frontline: The Age of Easy Money


We should all mail Kiel Richtenstein (Grifty Grifterson)

monopoly money lol


The severe weather in the lower MS valley is far from over

The system is slowly strengthening and there is going to be a threat of strong tornadoes in AR, LA, MS and SW TN through sunrise. The timing is what has been most worrisome with this system with a decent potential for strong long track tornadoes in the wee hours while everyone's asleep. Put your weather radios next to your bed tonight. These are the systems that have the potential to be very dangerous.

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