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Cheezoholic's Journal
Cheezoholic's Journal
June 27, 2023

Thank goodness Fat Nixon didn't have a dog

it would've been the fattest dog ever according to him.

June 19, 2023

Unusual June tropical activity, possibly soon to be Bret, TD#3 has formed

This is pretty unusual for June having possibly 2 systems forming east of 40 degrees west (2nd is right behind this one and could end up being Cindy). Thats usually the area for Cape Verde storms that form in Aug. and Sept. June is usually "Homegrown" month, meaning GOM/Caribbean and SE Atlantic formation areas (most A, B, and C storms form closer to home). Very unusual for June but sea surface temps are on fire this year.

TD #3 is forecast to be a 70KT hurricane south of Puerto Rico Saturday. Forecasters are saying forecasting beyond 72 hours with this system will be a bit less reliable as the models do use climatology in their analysis (too much IMO) and this storm is outside the climatological box if you will.

Edit: Apologies, modrepub previously posted about this in Weather Watchers

June 13, 2023

Are we paying for this assholes parade to court?

Of course we are, American Flag ambulance and all.

June 9, 2023

Remember when it leaked in Oct 2021 I believe when intelligence sources

started falling off the grid at unusually high rates and the agencies were inexplicably calling in agents at higher than usual levels? I have no doubt the source. This fucker and Kushner got people risking their lives for us tortured and killed. They need to hang for treason.

June 9, 2023

Now playing at my Pat Robertson Forgetorial....

June 9, 2023

Anybody watch the 700 club today/yesterday?

yeah me neither

June 9, 2023

Neal was giving a great explanation on the whats and whys on the special counsel rules

He wrote them a lot of them after all lol. They're back live on Lawrence right now

June 9, 2023

Lawrence is doing a second hour live at midnight EST for anyone interested

It'll be an extra hour live with his 10pm guests Neal, Andrew etc

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