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Cheezoholic's Journal
Cheezoholic's Journal
July 31, 2023

If the best hitter on your team leads the league in strike outs

It doesn't mean your hitter is good, it means your team really sucks.

If your hitter draws 30% of your blind faith die hard fans consistently and you keep him on the team because without those 30% of fans you'll have to fold the team it doesn't mean your hitter is a great player, it means your team really sucks.

Fat Nixon is not a great Republican politician. He's not even a powerful Republican politician with his measly 30% of blind faith die hard MAGAT basement dwellers. The only reason the Republican team lets him play is because they have nothing else to offer. Nothing, zilch, nada.

Message to MSM, the only reason the Republican team lets him play is THEY REALLY FUCKING SUCK!!!!

July 15, 2023

Maybe the only rock band that charted a song about Bastille Day

and also a song lyric with "cacophony" in it. No wonder I didn't get a lot of dates in high school lol!

July 12, 2023

On July 12th 1936 it was 108 degrees in my area

NWS in Indianapolis usually has a daily climatology page for the area. During the Dust Bowl on July 12th 1936 it was 108 degrees in my area. The Dust Bowl seems largely forgotten as it was nearly 100 years ago. I remember horrific stories from my grandparents about it. The history is so relevant today on how quickly human interference can absolutely decimate the environment, and I fear it's getting lost. It truly reflects how fast, and how naive our predictions are, climate change can happen.

108 degrees where I live today would kill more than it did then as people don't acclimate to the summer heat anymore with AC.

If you are a younger person maybe not familiar, or as a refresher for all of us, Ken Burns 2 part The Dust Bowl series is available on Amazon or become a PBS passport member to watch. Not only is it amongst his best works, it is a great reminder of where we're headed unfortunately, only on a global scale.

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