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Member since: Thu Oct 1, 2020, 09:03 PM
Number of posts: 2,931

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Is there a way to delete your account?

Checked under my account, but don't see anything

Eli Mystal rightfully chews out Merrick Garland


Good job, Merrick Garland. Your weakness has orchestrated the indictment of a private citizen trying to overcome drug addiction so Republicans can try to hit a bank shot off of him to his loving father, all because you were afraid of looking "political" to Fox News viewers.

Merrick Garland has done nothing to go after Jared Kushner, or Ivanka, or Dumb and Dumber Jr. for their crimes.

But he let a Trump-appointed special counsel indict Hunter Biden based on a law that many consider to be unconstitutional.

Indictment number 5 incoming?


Trump told co-conspirators to claim election was rigged before it even happened

And he said to leave it to him and Republican members of Congress to take care of it. That's proof that he never believed the election lie, it was a massive coup attempt.


“Just Say That the Election Was Corrupt, and Leave the Rest to Me”: In Georgia, Donald Trump Appears Beyond F--ked

I don't understand why no members of Congress have been indicted yet.

There are apparently 30 unindicted co-conspirators


Fox News background, while they're reading the charges: "Fake GA Indictment."

Holy crap their gaslighting. Fox needs to be permanently shut down by any means necessary.

Indictment approved


America has a two-tiered justice system.

There can be no doubt that the privileged are not treated the same as most Americans, no matter how serious their crimes are.


There Does Seem To Be A ‘Two-Tiered’ Justice System, And Donald Trump Is Its Poster Child
Trump now faces 78 felony counts in three indictments but has yet to wear handcuffs, lose his passport, post bail or even have his mug shot taken.

Aileen Cannon back to trying to help Trump


Whoever thought it was a good idea to allow a judge appointed by a defendant to oversee that defendant's trial?

Do you think the co-conspirators will be indicted?

Any thoughts as to why we haven't seen members of Congress named?
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