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Member since: Thu Oct 1, 2020, 09:03 PM
Number of posts: 2,340

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Trump vowing to bribe electors to vote against Biden


Just found out my cousin is a Trump cult member.

I only have 1 cousin that I see more than once every 5-10 years. I figured he was a Republican, but he just posted on Facebook over the loss that now we're all going to lose our 401ks, and Biden is a pedophile who sniffs children's hair, etc.

I'm so disgusted I don't even want to go to anymore holiday family gatherings. And I think his new wife is a Democrat. I had no idea he was drinking all the kool aid.

Make sure to remind all Trump supporters if they accuse us of rigging this:

Trump might be prepared to concede.


Biden will be next President!!


How did Trump gain ground with minorities?

Joe Crapborough was just talking about the fact that Trump got like 20% of black men, some Muslim increases, obviously the Latino increase, etc.

How do all those groups support a proven white supremacist and in the case of Muslims, banned them from the country and wanted a Muslim registry?

While I'm thrilled Biden is winning, the fact that it was so close and Trump gained supporters just makes me so depressed about the future of this country.

What's your list of things Biden can do/fix without the Senate?

Unfortunately we did badly in the down ballot races. The only chance we have to win the Senate is winning both Georgia runoff races, or Cunningham magically squeaking out a lead in NC.

Assuming neither of those happen, McConnell already said he will block anything Biden does and won't allow Biden to appoint liberal Cabinet members.

What do you think Biden can do without the Senate that can really make things better? Obviously reversing Trump's EOs is one thing. Rejoin the Paris Climate Agreement.

What else?

So what happened to this country?

I had to skip the entire night last night as soon as I saw how bad things were in Florida.

I started having severe panic attacks all night because it seemed likely Trump was going to win again. He still might which is making me really depressed. And the fact that almost all Republican Senators kept their seat is just insane.

I don't understand what happened. How were polls so astronomically wrong? How did Republican do so well after the catastrophe of the last 4 years?

I just hate this country and half the people in it. I still don't want to live here because it seems like it can never be fixed now that we don't have the Senate.

Any advice on how to stop stressing?

I know it's still early, but the Florida results are upsetting me and it makes me worry about the other swing states. I'm just having 2016 flashbacks. I'm having seriously physical reactions from the stress.

DeJoy/USPS is ignoring a federal court order.


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