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Member since: Thu Oct 1, 2020, 09:03 PM
Number of posts: 1,737

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Trump is bringing Hunter's alleged business partner to debate tonight


I'm just so fed up with this crap. The fact that Trump's endless crime spree goes ignored while people focus on stupid crap like this.

Trump threatening to fire Chris Wray for not

helping him cheat in the election.


More people have already voted in Texas, than voted for Trump in 2016


Now obviously they're not all for Biden, but it does show huge enthusiasm and turnout which usually benefits Dems.

Texas Appeals Court reinstated Abbot's ballot box removal

It was a 3-judge panel - all Trump appointees. They gave no legal reasoning or evidence for their ruling, they just cited Republican claims of voter fraud.

Our Judiciary is destroyed. That's why Moscow Mitch is putting all these extremists on the courts.

Georgia is seeing 10 hour lines to vote

Saw on another forum people waiting in line for 10 hours yesterday for early voting.

That is criminal.

Joe Biden's polling better than any challenger since 1936


Hunter Biden took part in the Nobel Peace Prize win. The irony!

The Trump/Republican 2020 target is the Board Chairman for the UN World Food Programme that just won the Nobel Peace Prize.

So sad for Mango Mussolini.


Pence and Trump killing off their base in The Villages

Bang up job by the "Covid Taskforce Leader."


Trump militia plotted to kidnap Governor Whitmer and overthrow government


These people are terrorists and traitors.

Wow. Sen. Mike Lee admits he hates Democracy

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