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Member since: Thu Oct 1, 2020, 09:03 PM
Number of posts: 1,627

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How can Garland delay indictment at this point?

Trump stealing nuclear secrets is as serious of a crime as you can possibly get. And we're just going to let him enjoy freedom for months waiting for an election he isn't even on the ballot for?

If anyone else did what Trump did, they'd already be in handcuffs

I don't care what the supposed argument is for not indicting Trump yet, but if anyone else did what he did, they'd have been arrested ages ago and already on trial.

This proves that there is no equality under the law. Being rich, connected, and powerful allows you to bypass the law.

It gets worse RE: FBI search

Newsweek reporting based on government sourcing that in those classified documents Trump stole included the payroll information of human intelligence, meaning the names and locations of our spies.

I also believe I heard a WaPo reporter state they confirmed nuclear documents were in these boxes.

I do not understand how Trump is not in handcuffs yet. He can NEVER be allowed near office again.

Biden is having huge wins lately!

Reuters showing his approval is the highest in 2 months. But he's still not getting as much credit as he should be.

IRA passing, CHIP Act passing, PACT Act which is the largest increase in veterans benefits in history, he's surpassing Obama and Trump in judicial confirmations in the first 2 years, massive jobs gains, low unemployment, inflation is actually going down, gas is plummeting, he killed the leader of Al Qaeda, expansion of NATO, etc.

How are Trump and his GOP allies not in prison yet?

I don't get it. Every single day, it's proven that Trump is still committing crimes, and the DoJ is just letting him do it.

10 Republican members of Congress were at a meeting to overturn the election. 6 corruptly sought pardons. Why aren't they arrested?

There is no legitimate reason for Trump to not be in handcuffs right now. None. If any one of us did 1/1000th of the crap he's done, we'd be in jail for life.

Question for those in or close to the military

In the event that violence increases, especially if the Supreme Court ends voting rights next year, what is your opinion on how the military would view things?

It's commonly believed like most law enforcement that the military is very Republican. There were members of the military at the insurrection.

In your experience, do most members of the military respect their oath and hate the rise of right-wing fascism? Would they stand up against the MAGA terrorists trying to create a dictatorship?

Supreme Court just announced they're ending Democracy next year


They're taking an election-law case that would give legislatures the power to control all elections, meaning any Republican state can just block Democratic wins with zero consequences.

It will effectively end voting rights.

Scary comments from Rep. Clyburn to WaPo


We must restore the 2nd Amendment to its original intent

4 mass shootings today in less than 24 hours. Scalia and the Republicans' absolute butchering of the 2nd Amendment has massively damaged this country.

But we all know, there is no way we're getting a new Amendment.

So, our best chance to change the Constitution is what Republicans are doing with things like Roe. Reinterpret the Constitution.

If we can get a majority of pro gun law Dems on the Supreme Court, we can have them overturn Heller and restore the 2nd Amendment to the original intent, which included heavy restrictions on guns.

Here is an interesting read on how the Founders and Colonies viewed gun laws when the 2nd Amendment was adopted. Registration required. No general open or concealed carry allowed. No loaded weapons in the home. No stand your ground laws. And a loyalty oath was required.


How do we combat Republican terrorism?

Ted Nugent was at the Trump/Dr. Oz rally last night calling for Trump supporters to murder Democrats.


Why isn't the FBI arresting Ted Nugent and the people at that rally for inciting violence? How do we contact DoJ/FBI and get them involved in this?

I feel incapable of doing anything about all this.
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