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Member since: Thu Oct 1, 2020, 09:03 PM
Number of posts: 1,692

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How long are we going to continue letting Christian Fascists

to destroy America?


I'm so fed up with this crap and they keep getting away with it. It feels like we're on the verge of another Civil War.

Trump likely committed felony obstruction, federal judge rules


Will Garland finally do something about this?

I think Biden needs to appoint a new AG

I know some people like him, but I just don't have confidence in Garland.

Trump just got away with his crimes yet again in New York, so New York will not hold him accountable.

The fact that he hasn't been arrested yet by the Feds is insane. They've had years to make sure everything is correct.

And now we have the wife of a sitting Supreme Court justice engaging in seditious conspiracy with Trump's Chief of Staff to overthrow Democracy on behalf of the orange wanna-be Putin, and the Supreme Court justice voted on a case in favor of hiding evidence of the insurrection.

And not a single thing will happen to any of them.

There is no rule of law in America anymore.

Manhattan prosecutor who resigned says Trump committed felonies


Was Bragg paid off to not prosecute Trump? This is seriously corrupt and I'm so angry. Trump is a criminal and nobody will prosecute him.

Another mass shooting, this time in Arkansas


Gun violence was bad, but it seems to have escalated massively in the past couple months. Every single day now I see national news stories on big shootings.

This doesn't happen anywhere else in the developed world, and the evidence proves gun laws work. The lowest gun violence in America is all in blue states. The highest gun violence is all in red states.

And yet Texas and Ohio just passed bills further eliminating gun laws.

This country is truly sick and depraved. I hate it here.

All 7 recent Generic ballot Congressional polls have Dems up


Jan 6 committee has determined Trump committed crimes

The Jan. 6 select committee says its evidence has shown that then-President Donald Trump and his campaign tried to illegally obstruct Congress’ counting of electoral votes and “engaged in a criminal conspiracy to defraud the United States.”

In a major release of its findings, filed in federal court late Wednesday, the committee suggested its evidence supported findings that Trump himself violated multiple laws by attempting to prevent Congress from certifying his defeat.


Germany seizes Oligarchs $600 million mega-yacht


Russian billionaire Alisher Usmanov was sanctioned by the European Union on Monday. Two days later, Forbes has learned from three sources in the yacht industry that one of his prized possessions—the 512-foot yacht Dilbar, valued at nearly $600 million—has been seized by German authorities in the northern city of Hamburg.

Usmanov purchased Dilbar in 2016 for a reported cost of $600 million from German shipbuilder Lürssen, which custom-built it for him over 52 months. The firm calls it "one of the most complex and challenging yachts ever built, in terms of both dimensions and technology." At 15,917 tons, it's the world's largest motor yacht by gross tonnage, and is typically manned by a crew of 96 people. Dilbar boasts the largest swimming pool ever installed on a yacht as well as two helicopter pads, a sauna, a beauty salon, and a gym. Its plush interiors have more than 1,000 sofa cushions and it can host up to 24 people in 12 suites.

McCarthy vows to give Greene and Gosar prime committee assignments.

He tweeted it. If Republicans win the House next year, he not only plans on putting them back on committees, he plans on giving them top committees. Can you imagine how terrifying it would be to have MTG on the Intelligence committee?

McCarthy is openly embracing terrorists and white supremacists.

Paul Gosar Censured and removed from committees.

Cheney and Kinzinger were the only 2 Republicans to vote with the Democrats, meaning 207 Republicans endorsed threatening to kill their colleagues in Congress.

I seriously don't know how we fix this country when an entire political party is a domestic terrorist organization bent on destroying America and killing people.
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