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Member since: Thu Oct 1, 2020, 09:03 PM
Number of posts: 2,340

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Republicans plan on defaulting on the debt.

As though they weren't evil enough, McConnell announced he will default on the US debt. Even Romney said he would too.

Economists say the consequences are: 6 million lost jobs. $15 trillion in lost household income. 9% unemployment, and increased borrowing costs.

This is obviously being done since it's almost impossible for Biden and Dems to win in a terrible economy, so the GOP plans on crashing the economy to make sure they win in 2022 and 2024.

I don't even know how we solve this. This country just feels like it's a lost cause. Republicans are too evil.

TFG wrote another letter to GA SoS to overturn the election yesterday


How is TFG not in prison yet? He's literally handing prosecutors evidence that he's committing election fraud, and he's just getting away with anything he wants.

US mistakenly killed NGO worker and kids in Kabul drone strike


Texas and Abbott pass law allowing discrimination against LGTBQ/disabled


The Texas wave of laws is even worse than people realize

We're all focusing on the abortion ban and the voter restriction law that Texas passed, but Texas is passing 666 laws (no I'm not joking with that number.)

One of the things they're doing is expanding their ban on CRT teaching at school. Now you're not even allowed to teach that white supremacy and Nazism are bad things. You can't teach about Martin Luther King Jr., etc.


Unsatisfied with just one bill scaring teachers from talking about race in schools, Republican legislators in the special session are advancing yet another supposed critical race theory bill that would remove required civil rights teachings from the curriculum, including writings from Martin Luther King, Jr. and lessons about slavery, white supremacy and the Ku Klux Klan being “morally wrong.”

Texas has legitimately gone full authoritarian fascist. It's what they're planning on doing nationwide. I don't even know how we stop it.

Time to allow people to sue those who refuse vaccines/wearing masks

Time to fight against these abortion bans by having the Feds and Democratic states pass laws allowing citizens to sue anyone that refuses the Covid vaccine or refuses to wear masks.

Let's see the outrage from the fascists on the Supreme Court and the Christian terrorists when they can be bankrupted for not getting vaccinated or wearing masks.

Arkansas is now following Texas' lead.


So it begins. Abortion will now be illegal in all Red states.

Christian Taliban celebrating abortion ban.

I'm on the religious subreddits on Reddit.

Christian conservatives are all celebrating this news, pretending like it will save millions of children's lives. They don't care that women will be hunted down. They don't care that more abortions and dead women will happen. They don't care that Nazi Germany did a law just like this.

They just want people to suffer.

There really is no difference between Christian Conservatives and the Taliban, Al Qaeda, ISIS. Just as morally bankrupt and evil, prettier packaging.

How can we get a movement going to boycott Texas?

We need to get big companies that have offices in Texas to look into moving their operations out of the state. We need sports teams to boycott the State.

I will never set foot in Texas or buy anything made in Texas.

AP now confirming 11 US soldiers and medic killed

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