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Member since: Thu Oct 1, 2020, 09:03 PM
Number of posts: 2,350

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CNN hosting a Trump town hall


They're also adding more Trump surrogates to their network. They're doing the exact same thing they did in 2016 to get Trump elected.

And we had people on this forum claim CNN isn't going right wing. They already are right wing.

A fascist coup has taken place in North Carolina

An extremely partisan Supreme Court in NC just guaranteed Republican control of the state indefinitely. The rulings by the judges were garbage and not based on law. It was 100% to give them absolute power.

Democrats in North Carolina now have no power to elect the people they want.

For all the whining we hear about the 2nd Amendment existing to stop tyranny, it's ironic how they let tyranny flourish without a peep.

Pretty much proves the 2nd Amendment serves no legitimate purpose.

Republican legislation is being passed in Democratic-led Senate

Due to Feinstein's absence, Manchin is the swing vote and he just passed this bill with Republicans.


That's insane to me. What good is controlling the Senate when Republicans still get to pass what they want and block our nominations?

What to do about a corrupt, authoritarian Supreme Court?

As you may have heard, Justice Roberts is refusing to come to Congress to address the ethics/legal scandals around his court.

And his letter basically said they're not beholden to ethics or laws, nor is it appropriate for the Supreme Court to answer to Congress because of separation of powers.

So effectively the Chief Justice has declared the Court above the law.

We'll never have enough votes to impeach and remove, and I don't see the DoJ doing anything about it.

It feels pretty hopeless to hold the Court accountable short of states just refusing to recognize their authority. That would be a Constitutional crisis though.

Anyone know what the hold up is with Judicial confirmations?

There are currently 25 judicial nominations waiting for full Senate approval (they were already moved out of committee).

There are 8 others waiting for committee discharge (unlikely to happen without Feinstein).

There are currently 102 Federal vacancies.

Is Schumer just not holding votes?

MSNBC reporting possible Georgia indictment this summer

Fani Willis apparently told law enforcement to prep for an indictment this summer.

Claire McCaskill is making a good point though. Why announce this now? Why wait 2 months to indict?

Apparently one reason for Don Lemon being fired was over his criticism of Republicans

This video is supposedly one of the reasons he got fired. Chris Licht doesn't like when CNN anchors push back against Republican trash.


I see nothing wrong with that interview, but I'm positive Chris Licht didn't like it.

Tucker Carlson is out. Fired from Fox. YAY!!!


What can be done about dangerous cops in this country?

As many of you may have heard, the guy who shot Breonna Taylor and was fired, was just hired at the Sherriff's office in another county in Kentucky.

This happens constantly - some cop kills someone with no justification, maybe gets fired, and then gets rehired at another precinct where they can kill people again.

I just don't know how we even tackle this issue. I think cops should be required to have liability insurance, but I don't see that passing.

Fox's Settlement with Dominion is tax deductible


Apparently this is normal, I'm just rather surprised you can deduct a defamation settlement from your taxes...
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