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Profile Information

Name: Judy
Gender: Female
Hometown: Western PA
Home country: USA
Current location: Millersville, Maryland
Member since: Mon Oct 5, 2020, 12:42 AM
Number of posts: 1,574

About Me

I'm retired, ex-medical secretary, ex-medical transcriptionist. A grandmother. Lifelong Democrat.

Journal Archives

Another introduction to the New Normal.

On Wednesday I attended my youngest granddaughter's graduation from high school. It was at an outdoor venue with thousands attending. It was a gorgeous day. At the start, before the actual beginning of the ceremonies, one of the officials came up to the microphone and announced that in case of a catastrophic event to please make our way to your nearest exit and proceeded to give further instructions. Many of us looked at each other and realized what he was referring to and the reality of our world at least momentarily cast a bit of pall over the crowd of parents and relatives holding balloons and flowers and you could see on the faces, oh, holy hell.

Just now. Andrea Mitchell. "alleged union-busting efforts."

Really? Alleged. They are union-busting efforts. She's bad, but seriously, they all do that. Have to stay "neutral" on the side of the corporate sponsors.

I'm crazy about Ali Velshi, but does he sleep?

For days now practically every time I turn on MSNBC Ali Velshi is on. I love him. He's smart. He's fair. He's knowledgeable. He speaks concisely. But when does he sleep?

Does anyone believe that Solomon Pena in New Mexico thought he really won?

I think like any power hungry fascist, he thought he would bully some low level Dems to resign because of the stress on themselves and the threat to their families and he would step in as the "winner." He saw what happened in Georgia with the mobs coming to the election workers' homes. He's figured out that if enough good people are scared they want to protect their families. I think he wanted to get started in politics and if he couldn't win one way, he would bully his way in.

I watched that DA on MSNBC earlier and I'm so glad he sees this for the serious threat it is.

Watching Freedom On My Mind on TCM now. Powerful.

Why aren't shows like this on PBS today? Isn't public Tv supposed to be educational?

"Leaked" abortion decision and pushing the red wave.

I believe there was some thought that whoever "leaked" the Supreme Court vote on abortion. that they thought that if they leaked it early enough, the outrage on our part would dissipate long before the midterm election (get the bad news over with and out of the way) and the onslaught of Republican polls showing a "red wave" along with pushing the narrative that the anger over the abortion decision was over with and not going to be a serious factor in the election. They pushed that narrative to suppress discouraged Dem and independent voters.

They don't get it that every time there is another story of a woman denied medication because of her sex, even if it isn't for abortion, is afraid of being arrested for going to the ER because of vaginal bleeding, women and girls who are shamed for not being ready to bear or raise a child, we are reminded of the cruelty a minority of Americans are capable of.

I'm pissed with the pressure from credit card companies to add another user.

Different cards keep sending me emails and snail mail with bonus for adding another authorized user to my cards. That's the last thing I would do. It took me years to get out from what my ex managed to put on joint and my individual cards. I love my kids and grandkids but if I want them to have something, I'll buy it for them.

The trouble with them having use of them, so many things will seem like an emergency and "Ill pay you back."

Can anyone manage what shape would be in if under MAGA pressure

We had switched from voting machine to hand counting paper ballots?

We would still be waiting anxiously for the red wave.

Legal question. If the documents were illegally removed from the WH

Can the Florida Trump judge's decision be appealed in DC Federal Court - where the theft occurred? Does it have to be Florida where the purloined documents were found? Is the appellate court there more favorable?

Ornato retiring right now during probe of stolen government documents.

I can't help wondering what he might have to say if he were forced to tell the truth. During his tenure working for Trump he had to be aware of some of Trump's squirreling documents in boxes and toting these boxes hither and yon on all his trips. Maybe not the same boxes each time, but Trump liked to have some of this "stuff" with him. I wonder if he's suddenly retiring after being visited by the FBI. Are they asking him questions about his role in acquiring them?

I might be wrong but I can't help thinking everybody that close in Trump's circle is dirty.
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