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Member since: Mon Oct 5, 2020, 01:05 PM
Number of posts: 213

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Why can't we have the Bill like we had it before

with 75k thershold and 200,00 for marry couples, its beyond stupid that people got checks under Trump but will not under Biden just to please people like Manchin and Sinema.

Predue is planning on running again against Warnock in 2022

Sums up my feelings.


The 15 dollar min wage should be included in the American Rescue Plan

because there is no way we are going to get this is a separate bill because there is no world where 10 Republicans would vote for it in a separate bill. I will wait until the final bill out of the senate to criticize Biden but please give what the American people they were promised.

Do you think progressives will be mad about the 15 dollar min. wage

Not making it in. I already see some hand ringing on twitter about possibly having min. wage increase cut out of the original package.

I recommend watching the press briefings on Cspan

It looks like the Trump trolls are forming dislikes mobs on youtube for every white house video out there.


Trump trolls still lurk around white house YouTube videos

after Biden takes over and disliking everything the administration puts out.


My message is get a life trolls is in a new administration in town.

President Biden got the most votes of a President in History

Letís not forget that, so Biden does have a mandate

All that kissing Greenwald did

to Trump's rear end and still did not get that pardon for Snowden and Assange.

Anyone have feed on the crowd at Andrew's base

just so we can see how little crowd there is.
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