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Member since: Mon Oct 5, 2020, 02:05 PM
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There are many great things about Trump not getting a second term

but one great thing is not hearing anymore state of the union speeches from the orange menace. I notice he always soak in the applauses like we are in a wwe arena. Also demagogue about Latino immigrants will be nice not to hear. I just couldn't stand to hear because of his racist appeals and it worked to some extent because he got 74 million votes.

If McConnell is for impeachment and will say he will vote for conviction

Trump is going to be removed from office and can't run in 2024. He might even resign, just to keep his 24 chances alive.

This will be the most dangerous 2 weeks since 9/11

These MAGA loons will come back, and won't be the last they try to riot a Federal building. I doubt Pence is going to invoke the 25 amendment, he wants Trump's base for his 24 Presidential run.

Republicans politicians may abandon Trump

but the republican voters will largely stick with Trump and as long as those voters still with Trump, Trump will be a force in our politics for years to come. Every principled Republican will have a strong primary opponent in 22 and 24 and the craziest loon will emerge in the general election. Mark my words.

Loefler and Perdue will likely try to drag this out

And pull a Trump saying the election was rigged against them with massive votes dumps at the end.I donít think they will concede.

Ossoff and Warnock take the lead in PredictIt

Looks like the election is turning around for us compared to earlier in the night, at the begining people hedged their bets on Predue and Loeffler. Looks like alot of MAGATS losing money.


Atlas Intel Polling good news for Dems

Ossoff is winning over Predue 51% to 47% and Warnock 51 to Loeffler's 47%. Atlas was pretty right on the nose on the general election. They had Trump 49.5 to Biden's 48.2. So for all the grief that polling rightfully gets, they were pretty good in Georgia.

2020 General Election Link:

2021 Georgia Senate run off

I'm starting to think we will win both senate races

In Georgia, after pretty good polls this week and also the news of early voting being weak in strong Trump areas. Now I know this is all antidotal but itís just that Trump is causing mayhem it might just get our voters out more. I did not feel this way weeks ago which I thought the Republicans would barely eek it out a win but now Iím thinking we might eek out a win.

Vox calls Alaska senate race for Dan Sullivan

Don't know if this is true since I haven't seen some other networks call this senate race yet.

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