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Member since: Mon Oct 5, 2020, 02:05 PM
Number of posts: 226

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I think the news media are underestimating Trump to Biden voters

I barely hear from the media about these voters, it always Trump voters saying they're sticking with Trump or "undecided voters" leaning Trump, that is why I think this election won't even be close because people are sick of Trump.

I was watching NBC nightly news

And there was an “undecided” voter in PA talking about her library was going out of business because she thinks Tom Wolf shutdown order hurt her. She says she’s voting for Trump even though it was Trump not getting Sitmulas to keep her businesses open.


Trafalgar group trash polls

So Trafalgar came out with polls in Michigan, Flordia, and North Carolina all have Trump leading by 3 but if you look at the cross tabs they have trump winning independents by 32 and blacks by 27. These people are a joke and a campaign arm of Trump. I just hope after the election these clown pollsters don't work for another republican campaign again.

I have drawn the conclusion that Claire Malone is a republican

Of 538, I was watching their podcast about the debate and was the only that really praised Trump for not being a typical politician and said because of his new Tone he might have won the debate.

USC Dornsife poll still Biden + 12

So much for the Trump bump.

If Biden increases his lead in the polls

After this debate we are heading for a landslide victory.

Wow even Nate Silver thought Biden did better

He usually tries the both sides BS but he said Biden was the clear winner here.

I think if Trump crashes and burns tonight......

than will Biden will increase his lead in the swing states in polls.



What would be a great surprise on election night for you?

For me:

Ossoff winning the Georgia senate race
Biden winning Texas
Biden winning Ohio
Jamie Harrison winning the South Carolina senate race
Trump calling to concede to Biden
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