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Member since: Mon Oct 5, 2020, 02:05 PM
Number of posts: 227

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Vox calls Alaska senate race for Dan Sullivan

Don't know if this is true since I haven't seen some other networks call this senate race yet.


MSM should stop covering Trump and his goons

They are obviously trying to sow doubt in the election process with these challenges in the courts that are going to go nowhere, its more about the message and trying to damage the Biden Administration. This doesn't change the fact Trump is a lame duck and has to leave come January 21 at noon, so please treat him as such and stop giving him coverage he wants.

Can the GOP keep the Trump base going into 2021

I donít think they can and the first real test of that is going to be in the run offs in Georgia. I always say Trumpism canít work without Trump. If we win the two run offs thatís going to be proven the case.

PA takes?

Chance Biden wins it?

I'm thinking those Trump voters in 2018

Either sat out or voted for a Democrat but came home to him in this election so Iím guessing why the polling was so off.

Even if we win by 1 electoral vote

A win is a win and Trump will have to pack his bags by January 20th 2021. Just think about that.

DUs we got this.

All the doom and gloom posts here is really disheartening, Iím confident we are going to win, this is going to take some time they have yet to count mail ins and it looks like itís going to go our way. So keep the faith.

Mail in ballots are a mess

Hopefully they retract some race calls if it turns VBM screwed us.

Gideon down 12 points with 83% in

Wtf happened with Maine, Gideon was beating Collins in the polls

Guys calm down, this won't be decided for a couple days

I still see us pulling out in WI, MI, and PA, we win those 3 Joe Biden is President. A lot of mail in vote left.
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