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Name: Tony
Gender: Male
Hometown: MA
Member since: Mon Oct 5, 2020, 06:12 PM
Number of posts: 290

Journal Archives

Ben Sasse blames Harry Reid for Trump bus strandings

Maybe Ben’s ego can carry them all home.

I'm just old enough to remember....

That doing what Mitch McConnell did last night at that debate would get you thrown out of office. Any party, any state, no matter how many years your entitled lazy ass had been elected. That sort of shit WAS cancer, terminal....to an incumbent. In 1992, he would have lost by ten points on those exchanges alone.


The Store That Called the Cops on George Floyd


Shortly after 8 p.m. on Memorial Day, May 25, Mahmoud “Mike” Abumayyaleh got a panicked phone call from a teenage employee at the store he owns with his three brothers. “Mike! Mike! They’re killing him,” she said. “My heart dropped. Like, it fell to the ground,” Mahmoud told me. He had no clue what she was talking about. At first, he assumed a customer was accosting a worker.

Frantically, his employee explained what was happening: A police officer had pinned a customer to the ground outside the store, and that man was saying he couldn’t breathe. Mahmoud manages the day shift at CUP Foods at the corner of 38th Street and Chicago Avenue in southern Minneapolis, but that night, young employees were working the store alone. There’d been a brief confrontation with a man accused of passing a fake bill. Then an 18-year-old clerk dialed 911. The man was named George Floyd, and minutes later, a cop was kneeling on his neck.

By the afternoon after Floyd’s killing, CUP Foods’ voicemail box was full. As the day wore on, a devastated and furious group began to gather at the intersection. They chanted, prayed, and consoled one another. Outside the shop, numbers swelled into the thousands.

In the months that followed, the intersection would become a fortress of grief and protest with sculptures, murals, and constant visitors. Armed groups would patrol the area, and police would stay on the other side of barricades. The store would be vandalized repeatedly, with “FUCK CUP FOODS” spray-painted on the exterior. Even longtime customers would question whether it ever deserved to reopen. The Abumayyaleh brothers would fret over lowball offers to buy them out after Friday prayers at the mosque in the store’s basement and struggle to imagine a future for a family business with a complicated past.

Susan Page hosted a party for Seema Vermin

That's why you can expect Mike Pence to steamroll her all night like he just did.

Kornwacki on MSNBC won't say the obvious about Florida

It's manipulated by it's shitty Republican leaders at the polls.

Why are all these people in the debate hall?

This is so fucking stupid.

The Biden/Bernie debate had no one in the gallery and it was fine.

Hi I'm a new poster, told to introduce myself here

My name is Tony and I live in Massachusetts (495 corridor). I'm old enough let's say. I have two great kids both heading off to college next year. One delayed a few years to do some traveling in Europe.

I'm was born a Democrat and have followed politics since I was very young. My first political memory was unfortunately the 1980 election.

Anyway bye for now.

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