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Gender: Do not display
Hometown: Texas
Home country: USA
Current location: Liberal household in the BLUE State of Arizona
Member since: Mon Dec 21, 2020, 05:17 PM
Number of posts: 192

About Me

Hi. My hubby and I are born and raised in N. Texas. Retired now in Arizona, we both post under this username. (He is the wordy one). Daily reading here for many years. We love DU and the diversified group of folks. We finally decided to join the discussion. Oh, and the song Harvest Moon by Neil Young is "our song". We thought it made a fitting handle.

Journal Archives

OP Copyright question on using 4 paragraphs plus photo?

I found an article I want to post up. The authors writing style comes out in very short paragraphs making it really hard to get the "gist" of the article when just using 4 paragraphs. A thought was to try and fill the missing "in-between" sections between the paragraphs I use from the article with my own retelling of that portion of the story. Suggestions on best ways to do this are appreciated.

Second part involves a "5th" use of the article. If I can use 4 written paragraphs, does a Photo from the article count against that total?

Thanks in advance.

Edited to ad: Another option may be to contact the publication directly and get their permission to use more of the article. Is this ever done? I assume I would need to run this scenario by the administrators...

Appreciators of good coffee...need Brand suggestions.

Tired of the old Mr. Coffee drip maker - we finally bought an electric 12-cup Hamilton Beach percolator (with glass viewing lid to watch it perk). We've tried a few of the Medium Roast beans on sale at our local Fry’s grocery store using their grinder on the course setting. We also use paper disc filters to help cut down on the grinds. Simple Truth Organic, 8-o-clock, Donut Shop and a couple of the Starbucks varieties were all good. When I went back for more - not on sale. Our coffee palates are not sophisticated but we both like a good cup of strong flavorful coffee.

Looking for any suggestions on other pocketbook friendly medium roast beans you’ve tried and liked from whatever source. We typically look for the under $5 for 12 oz. bag sales. Considering buying a grinder to take advantage of Amazon sales on whole beans.

Thanks in advance.

>>>- - - - - - - - - - - - Life’s too short to drink bad coffee! - - - - - - ->

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