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Member since: Wed Dec 30, 2020, 08:06 PM
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Restraining Order

I apologize if this has been discussed, but why can't Speaker Pelosi get a restraining order against the crazy Qreene? She has called for the Speaker to be killed, and is obviously deranged and a danger. I think a one hundred yd. order would be reasonable, but I'll leave it to Speaker Pelosi to say how far the freak needs to be from her to make her feel safe.

A question for those 40 yrs old and younger.

I'm at a real disadvantage. I have no idea what the everyday life of people under 40 yrs. old is like. I'm pushing 70. I haven't lived in the states for over 12 yrs, and I don't have any children. I really feel out of the loop. I have or in some cases had conservative friends. They are all in my age range. We used to be able to avoid politics, but it seems like every subject circles back to right wing talking points. I honestly don't think I've become more liberal since my first time voting for McGovern, but my conservative friends seem to be consumed with politics with an almost hatred for the left. One friend I still have went to Woodstock and had hair to the middle of his back until 1980. He now carries a gun everywhere he goes and it's nearly impossible to have a phone conversation. I ask about the weather and I have to listen (without a single word in response) to how climate change is a hoax. A woman friend is truly a wonderful person. She had, or maybe still has a magnetic photo of Reagan on her refrigerator, but we avoided politics and even vacationed together. She had some recent health issues. I asked her how things were going (my bad...I didn't specify her health) and she went on a tirade about Biden already causing the loss of tens of thousands of jobs. One more final example: I ask a old buddy if he's taking safety precautions for the Corona virus and I get 5 minutes of how masks don't work, China is completely at fault, and then it segues to people defecating in the streets. I'm not even talking about friends I've had since Little League that have become reborn Christians or Evangelicals, and have told me I am doomed to damnation. I least they promise to pray for me. Sooo, my question for the under 40's is, "Are you having similar experiences with your friends?" I'm curious, because I'm thinking that older people don't have as many things to talk about, especially now with Covid in the mix, and that has contributed to this political polarization. But is this mostly a generational thing, OR is it just me??

I love watching the Rs running in circles

The republicans are so confused. Do we still love Trump unconditionally, or are we distancing ourselves from his most fervent supporters (who happen to be plotting ways to overthrow the democracy). What do we do about these newbies that are Qanons, embarrassing poor bald-faced liars, insurrectionists, and all of them so eager to get out there and tell everyone just how crazy they are. The Rs are intubated. Trump lost them the House, he lost them the Senate, and he was soundly beaten by Biden. But if they make any moves against the crazies they risk losing the crazies that elected them and the possible Wrath of Trump. But their tube will continue leaking and soon they'll be gasping if they don't behave more like the party of old to keep life-long conservatives from leaving. Trump...damned if you do and damned if you don't. What would be your guess on the electoral college results if the election were to be held today? He'd be crushed. I have to keep an eye on my blood pressure. I know I'm putting too much salt on the popcorn. Seriously, how bad would the popular vote results be for the only twice impeached president in history if the election was today?

Trump has changed his mind?

Now we're hearing that he will stop threatening the Rs with a third party, because his "very, very large brain" has told him they won't vote to impeach. Someone help me out here. Is this Trump playing 5 dimensional chess, or is he playing chess like a pigeon? Knocking over the pieces, shitting all over the board, and then strutting around like he won. I'm pretty sure I know the answer.

Trump threatens to start a third party??

Step one: Threaten to start a third party to further divide the Rs. Step two: Angry Rs vote to impeach which forbids him from holding office. Step three I forget. Step four: President for life!!

Judi Lynn

I'm not a "joiner". Although I visited the DU on a nearly daily basis (oftentimes numerous visits a day) since The Idiot Son Bush's first term, I never really had a a desire to add to a discussion. Judy Lynn finally made me ashamed of myself enough to become a member. Throughout these last 4 or 5 torturous years there regularly appeared a posting that reminded me there were wondrously interesting discoveries that were being made. These discoveries ranged from some unique animal behavior, to new information concerning an ancient civilization, or information from all the way at the edge of the universe. Judy Lynn's posts made me remember that it was possible to shut off the mental drain and to replenish the positivity the emotion leech constantly sucked from me. Her posts lifted me up and so I needed to join to extend my heartfelt appreciation for helping me remember that the piss-ant of a man and the fools that enabled or followed him weren't interesting and certainly didn't deserve so much attention from me. Judy Lynn a big thank you. You made a difference. Please don't stop.
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