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Gender: Do not display
Home country: USA
Current location: PA
Member since: Sat Jan 9, 2021, 06:56 PM
Number of posts: 1,024

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Who is running as the Democratic Candidates?

I pull up the ballot for my city in Washington PA just so I know what I am going to look at. (Yes, I am weird. I prefer to go vote in person. I go early morning.) Tomorrow Morning. and yes, I am voting democrat, but I still wanted to see the ballot and the same ballot I just pulled up ballot I am shocked.
Where are the democratic candidates for the Rep in Congress for the 14th district. Senator in the General Assembly 46th district and Rep in the General Assembly 48th district?

How do I handle a ballot like this. As long as I remember I don't remember not seeing a candidate go unchallenged in such a key race.


I don't want to jinx it but How will the media spin it

If by 10pm tomorrow it is such a blowout Democratic win? Just think about Kanas' Abortion vote. They had been screaming it is going to be such a close call. Some of the talking heads that night had been speechless.

Here is a scary thought I heard today.

I overheard a couple people talking politics and They are praying Democrats gain 3 seats in the Senate. The person is convivence that Manchin and Sinema will switch to the Republican party and if we don't have 3 seats, we love the majority. If we have 3 seats, it cancels their. votes and give us 1 extra.

If you have friend and/or family that still consider themselves republican share with them.


Our last plea to them the night before.

PoliticsGirl from Twitter made this video please share it.


we need all the votes we can get.

So what type of Qanon/steel the election crazy conspiracy theory will be tied

to the Lunar eclipse will be started?


a special Saturday Keith Olbermann Countdown show.

Share it with friends and family members who are still not fired up to vote and then demand to know if they are willing to vote to save democracy and our country.


The attack on Mr. Pelosi/ Secret Service/ political climate

Please forgive ill formed or mis-informed thoughts. I am using this as a venting/sounding board as well as hoping for help or ideas or just to start a discussion on everything happening.

Okay From what I understand Mr. Pelosi was alone or Nancy wasn't at the home at the time of the attack. I know people are saying they are grateful that she wasn't there. I am as well but then I am wondering if Nancy was home would the attack have happened. Doesn't she have Secret Service detail and how much and often does the detail protect her? If she has it 24/7 Like Biden and Harris, then this guy wouldn't have gotten near her house. So, the following questions are coming to mind:

Do we start protecting The Speaker of the House's spouses/family like we protect the President and VP families?

Are we willing to increase the secret service considering what we are finding out about their actions/lack of actions leading up to and including Jan 6th. We are also finding FBI agents not willing to arrest Jan 6th rioters because they sympathized with the rioters' feelings.

We need a serious deep dive into our law enforcement and even military after Jan 6th.

Yes, America doesn't want to admit that we have had extremism in the country before but if anyone is listening to Rachel Maddow's Ultra you realize America isn't good at remembering and fixing our extremism. We kind of sweep it under the rug and say. No, it was never that bad.
BUT we are seeing a political party accepting the extreme and violent members of the party become the mainstream norm of that party which is basically making that viewpoint acceptable in this county.

If we are seeing such a break-in and attack 12 days before the election. What might we see 7 days, or 3 days or I cringe thinking of this. the Day of election. We have masked individuals with body armor and weapons sitting in view of voting drop boxes. We have State Republican of Arizona encouraging and condoning the actions.

We have a US FL Senator -Mario Rubio talk about bombs in drop boxes destroying votes. I kept wondering if that was some sort of call to action or dog whistle encouraging something to be done.

I don't know if I am preaching to the choir or have put on my own tin foil hat of crazy.

We serious need some sort of (please excuse the phrase) "Come to Jesus moment" were the Political leaders all sit down and see where the 2 party stands and if the GOP want to seriously embrace the Fascism and Autocracy then we need to take that information and put a bull horn in Former President Obama's hand and let him shout it from Sunday/Monday til Tuesday when the poll closes.
and yes, this is Keith Olbermann's idea, but he is absolutely correct we need to hold the media accountable and remind them they are the 4th estate. If democracy falls, they will be held accountable and they will be the first victims to of an autocratic America.

Thank you for letting me vent and babble vomit. I expect the slamming that I am crazy, or the post wasn't useful.

Please listen to the A block of Keith Olbermann's Podcast today


He is correct. We need to vote like our Democracy has already been lost and we are fighting to get it back- by voting in Democrats

Elon Musk the 2022 mid-term Oct surprise. Seriously how much trouble will this bring?

Who wants to bet How fast will Trump be back on Twitter? How fast he will start trouble.

Side bet: How fast will this Twitter account disappear?

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